We have to enjoy these last weeks of sunshine in October to the fullest before the real cold arrives, and one of the best ways to do it is to organize a nice picnic with your usual friends or simply with your partner! Nothing is more beautiful than a trip to the mountains in October, the smells and colors are unique, so don’t forget to bring a camera with you, because the photos that you will take will have to be very Instagram-friendly, and you will not be able to do without publishing them on your social media!

How to dress in a fashionable way even if you go to the mountains? There are two choices: comfort, because you certainly can’t afford the stiletto heel given the high risk of getting stuck in the ground, and fashionable elements, therefore, special attention should be given to prints and some particular clothing!


Let’s start from them, that part of the outfit that is usually left for last. Let’s start from the fact that it is better to avoid bags in favor of fashion backpacks, in leather or fabric, which allow you to have much more freedom in movement and to insert as many things as you want inside them, such as a bottle of water or a snack. Choose a backpack in the same shade as your outfit or your shoes, and to look good in the pictures, avoid highlighter colors, which do not much match the orange, yellow and red shades of the tree leaves. Therefore, opt for soft and more autumnal colors, which will make you tune into the autumnal atmosphere of the mountain. Bring scarves and hats in your bag, you never know what temperatures can be found at that height!


The alternatives here are two, either wear a dress, or create something of your own, so let’s go into detail.

When choosing the dress, you don’t have to worry about how long or short it is, the important thing is that you like it. The rules of accessories remain, that is, the choice of soft colors that adapt to autumn colors. Alternatively, you can always take advantage of a floral print for example. It is well suited to the mood, wearing a beige or brown trench coat over it!

If you want to create an outfit starting from jeans or skirts, well, space for your creativity. Using a pair of trousers or jeans, you will certainly be more comfortable than the rest of the clothes. And on these, I can see very well a nice sweater with colored stripes (I always recommend soft colors). If, on the other hand, you want to use a skirt, my choice would fall on a skater one, for a much more beautiful effect when you sit on the grass. On this, a sweater of those short and tight at the waist is the solution. Perhaps with a small cardigan on top to keep you warm.


We said no to stiletto heels, but that doesn’t stop you from using a square heel, such as ankle boots. You choose the height of the heel according to your threshold, and the leg height according to your threshold of tolerance of the cold, and your picnic outfit is perfect!


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