Sustainable fashion encompasses a set of practices in the design, manufacture, and consumption of fashion that are respectful not only of the environment but also of all those who work in the textile industry. Hence, sustainable fashion is interested in issues such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, the overproduction of garments, the reduction of pollution levels, the accumulation of textile waste, the support of biodiversity, and the promotion of fair working conditions and decent wages for their workers.

This is the opposite of the practices of fast-fashion brands, sustainable fashion wants you to buy better clothes, of better quality, so that you learn to value more the clothes you have in your wardrobe, many times we get carried away by trends and we want to have it now because everyone else is using it and we end up with clothes from a single position that is going to end up in a landfill, to avoid that there are brands today that only create clothes in small batches, with sustainable materials that do not harm the environment.

If you want to be part of the sustainable movement, you can start by wearing the clothes you already have, if you don’t like reinventing them or swapping them with friends for other clothes she doesn’t want either, you can take them from second-hand stores and buy clothes right there. you really want to use daily and that it’s not just going to sit in your closet waiting for you to use it one day.

If your budget is not to buy sustainable brands, you can buy in fast fashion stores but buy basic garments or classic garments that you know you will be able to use with more garments in your wardrobe and check that the quality of the clothing is not all polyester but In second-hand stores, you will find better quality pieces than in those stores, I can assure you of that.

Renting is also an option, companies with rent the runway and truly have created a great community, if you need a dress for a certain event but you don’t want to buy a dress for just one position you can rent it, you will even be able to wear a designer dress that you have never in your life you would think that you are wearing it for a dinner at work, you are going to look good and it does not make bulk in your closet because you return it in that same week, this is one of the ways to always look good for special events but without buying Nothing really.

Find out about all the things you can do to have the style you want in a more sustainable way, learn about the available brands and the stores in your city that offer you these options and that you can reinvent your style from there, look for garments that are committed to science, to the environment, to the people who make them, little by little you will be able to realize your true style and what you really wear daily without having to be indecisive every day.


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