Trends come and go, and many complete a cycle, as we all know. It is the same this Winter. So, if you want to revamp your winter wardrobe with only a few essential pieces or new styles, the suggestions below will ensure you stride out in style.

 Oversized Pullover 

From trench coats to puffers and blazers, one thing is clear: oversized shapes are very much in.

From foreign runways to local designers and street style enthusiasts, everyone has embraced the easy, slouchy upsizing seen on The Frankie Shop and Camilla and Marc, as shown below.  

The trick to putting this look off is to SIZE UP! The greater the size, the better.


Because the idea is to bulk out my winter wardrobe, it made perfect sense to start with my jackets. Even if I adore a traditional wool topper, a sleek puffer or patterned coat grabs more attention. It’s a given that the selection of outerwear below will draw compliments.

Persistent Lines 

The maxi renaissance began this summer and will continue throughout the fall and Winter. Many women are exclaiming, “Huzzah!” They are not me, though. I am standing in a flowerpot wearing Maxis. Yay for you if you like maxis! The voluminous jackets I described earlier? They’re also rather lengthy! The way the pants drop back to almost the floor is fantastic for elongating the leg line, especially when worn with heels.


“Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore a nice sweatsuit. Dress it in gold hoops and a long jacket, or dress it down with shoes and a baseball cap. I’ve been living in my Varsity set from The Local Love Club.”


“Leather is something you should break out when wintertime rolls around. In any neutral tone, I adore sleek leather pants. Additionally, leather is fantastic for adding dimension and texture.

Warm Beanies & Hats for the Cold Winter Months 

Winter hats are a fantastic way to enhance your clothing while keeping you warm from head to toe when it’s freezing outside! There are so many lovely cozy winter hats, whether you want a neutral hue that goes with everything or a collection of multicolored hats to mix and match your clothes. I adore the appearance of a classic beanie with a fur pom pom, but there are many lovely fur hats and plain beanies that will also look great!

Puffer Vest with Quilting 

“A great puffer vest is ideal for layering.” Pair a bright green burst of color with a black ensemble to create interest. To pull it all together, pair the vest with a matching-tone pocketbook and shoe.”

Scarves that Complement Your Look 

Accessories don’t have to be sacrificed to stay warm! Scarves are a woman’s greatest friend in the Winter since they are practical and flexible items that can be worn in various ways! They are a terrific complement to any ensemble, whether you hang the sides in the front or wrap them up to keep your neck warm.

I look forward to them every year, whether you choose a chunky knit material or a thinner, more understated style!


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