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Hope so. Today we’re going to talk about the shapewear that are most worth buying at Popilush, but I’ll leave it to you that each person has a preference and I’m just putting some possibilities here. Of course you can pick it up and go to the website to check out the other options.

Let’s start talking about the short sleeve thong bodysuit that has a range of products, but this time we’re going to talk about the bodysuit that has a square collar. Prepared?

Just look at how these models are as varied as possible both with cutouts and sleeves. You can see that it is an excellent option for those who want something more open as well as something more closed.

Each of these options are ideas for a specific day, considering that the longer sleeves are better for the cold weather, but can be used in other seasons as well. In addition, all Popilush bodysuits have an easy grip and match with everything.

These are the colors available in this model and you can use them as a key piece for your closet, because they combine with different colors. Then put on a skirt or even a pair of pants and you’ll be ready to go.

The second one that we’re going to show you today is the shapewear maxi dress, which I’ve been telling you about is that typical dress that can be worn at any time.

This model in black has its elegance in such a simple way that it is definitely the piece you need to have in your closet. Therefore, it is a piece that is worth acquiring, as it serves as a dress for any occasion.

In addition, you can have a more contoured body that with some jewels or semi-jewels would be the most beautiful thing for the event you want to wear. Remembering that we have 4 other color options besides black.

It fits super well and also has very good support for the breasts, so you can use it and feel very comfortable. I recommend this black dress for those gala evenings as well, as it has a very striking and accentuated character.

Now, last but not least, the backless bodysuit, which in this case I’m going to bring with a lace trim that will be a good choice for the looks you do, but remembering that there are other models and each one is for a different type of person.

I wanted to bring this image to reinforce what I’ve already said about using bodysuits to show them as a normal day-to-day piece. Yes, because it is all lace it seems to have a footprint like a tank top and that helps to make the look even more amazing.

I confess that having one of these is having a key piece for all hours and being able to create several incredible looks. In addition to its ease of opening and removing it from the body. It has 4 colors available and has all possible sizes, from S to 3XL.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed our post, which today was to talk about these wonderful pieces that can be used for many looks, thus being one of the best and worth it.

Leave it in the comments which one you would like to have in your closet or if you already have one if you have already managed to put together wonderful looks. See you next time!


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