There is something about fragrance that makes us feel good. Wearing a scent that works with your body chemistry can lift your moods and even change your behavior. Fragrance encourages the release of endorphins that make us feel good. That being said, finding the right scent for yourself can feel like a huge task as there are thousands of perfumes on the market today. However, once you find a signature scent, you would want to use it for years to come.

Generally, fragrances fall into five categories and they are woody, floral, earthy, fresh, and sweet. There is a fragrance out there for everyone. It all comes down to personal preference. You would want to find a scent that is playful, not too musky, not too feminine, and warm. Most of all you want a scent that is you. Perhaps there is a special place or situation that you like the scent to emulate like an ocean breeze, the long walks in the woods, or a special evening you have experienced?  Whether it is a fruity fragrance or a musk-based scent, there are plenty of scents to discover.

Whether you are searching for a new signature scent or are looking to gift someone this holiday season, check out the top trending perfumes for women below.

Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum Spray

Long before the classic Chanel flap bag become the most coveted handbag in the world today, this French fashion brand is prized for its fragrances. Coco Mademoiselle is a citrusy and sexy scent that pairs orange with a jasmine rose. It has a unique take on a floral. It starts off strong with a deep musky floral aroma and then it unfolds to a subtle warm patchouli over time. You cannot go wrong with a Chanel scent.


Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love Eau de Toilette

The latest Dolce & Gabbana’s famous fragrance, Light Blue Italian Love has a Granny Smith apple and zesty Calabrian lemon scent that combines with jasmine sambas, white rose, Virginia cedarwood, and vetiver. It is a blend that you will not get tired of.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Italian Love for Women Eau de Toilette Spray

Gucci Bloom

This full-on floral is a classic fragrant that blends in jasmine and tuberose with Rangoon creeper. It has a slightly powdery finish that rounds everything out. Gucci Bloom is strong and long-lasting. It also wears nicely, fading slowly and gradually, according to some reviewers.

Bloom Eau de Parfum For Her

La Perla Signature Eau de Parfum

This Eau de Parfum is created by the brand that brought us the chicest lingerie in the market, La Perla, and its perfume range is just as desirable. It has a citrusy scent that is enough to invoke a bold, wide-awake feeling. It is beautiful, fruity, and oozes elegance

Signature Refillable Eau de Parfum

Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit

The word fruit may conjure a sweet smell but that is not the case. Instead of the traditional fruit notes, this Ellis Brooklyn Sun Fruit scent utilizes fresh fig to create its unique blend. Combined with jasmine and vanilla planifolia, you get a summer-ready aroma that is light, warm, and flirty.  Plus point is that this fragrance also meets Sephora’s Clean and Planet Positive standards.

SUN FRUIT Eau de Parfum


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