Hey guys, how are you?

Hope so. Today we’re going to talk about the long-sleeved shapewear that you can’t miss in this year 2023. They’re going to be essential pieces for your day-to-day and will even bring the power to show who you really are.

Remembering that we are talking about Popilush, which is a store specializing in shapewear that define you and bring you safety and comfort every day you need it. Be it for a party or even for work from inside the house.

The Contour Long Sleeve Square Neck Bodysuit is a long sleeve thong bodysuit that will help you on a daily basis so that you have comfort and definition in just one piece. As it has long sleeves, it is also suitable for the coldest days we have during the year.

This piece also has a system that doesn’t make your breasts visible, in addition to making it super comfortable to wear. You can even use it to do an activity at the gym, in addition to being a complementary piece for wearing shorts, a skirt and even leggings.

Its fabric is easy to wash and it has two different colors and you can still find it in six sizes. Which makes it easier for you to have more options to use on a daily basis, as it also fits different types of women.

Our next loungwear is the Built-in Shapewear Long Sleeve Modal Midi Dress which is a perfect shapewear dress for every occasion. As it is black in color, it helps you to create a dress that you can wear even at night.

It has a system that will help you define your waist, hips and also your abdomen by losing a few inches. In addition, it has the facility for when you need to go to the bathroom and the fabric is of high quality.

It is also an item that has a lot of flexibility, which makes you not feel difficulty breathing and staying inside it. In addition to having a system that helps to cool the body so you don’t get hot and feel free when using it.

You can put together a look just by putting on high heels and some jewelry to complement everything he already has. So, enjoy the piece and assemble all the looks you want.

Let’s move on to our last product of the day which is the Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 Built-In Shapewear Maxi Dress. It is a dress with built in shapewear perfect for the most chic occasions, but you can also use it for everyday wear.

It has five different colors and also seven sizes available, in addition to helping you to have your hips, waist and abdomen shaped. You get an hourglass-shaped body and at the same time convey an empowering and very comfortable image to everyone who sees you.

You can even put on some accessories that will give it a whole charm and still complete your look. Therefore, this piece is super important for you to have in your closet and use in the year 2023.

That’s it for today guys, I hope you enjoyed it and comment there which were your favorites. See you next time!


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