It’s not too long ago since the situation forced us to always stay at home and leave the tourist spots unvisited. Now, when life is finally getting back to normal, you’re definitely excited to book flights and head to that dream destination you’ve been waiting for. Looks like this will make your vacation more tempting than ever. Well, vacation trips are fun but there are always challenges, let’s say packing the right outfits.

When we can finally jet off, it will certainly make our vacation more tempting than ever. Hence, preparing the right and stylish outfits is an essential thing that you need to think about carefully before your flight schedule arrives. The right outfits not only make you feel comfortable but can also add pleasure to your trip. And if you can’t decide what clothes to pack in your suitcase, below are vacation outfit ideas that you can steal for your long-awaited trip. Let’s check!

1. A Basic White Tee

If you want a basic outfit that can never go wrong for your trip, wherever it may be, a white tee is a perfect item to take with you. Whether it’s a crop, oversized, or one that fits your body, the white tee is a lightweight and versatile piece. It can work well to create as many styles as possible and will look stunning paired with anything, baggy jeans, A-line skirts, overalls, shorts, or knit skirts. Plus, a white tee will always look good combined with any color and pattern, even the white-on-white style can catch everyone’s eye.

2. A Pair Of Jeans

If a white tee is the best option for a versatile top, then jeans are the bottom version. This item is incredibly versatile for any season, and can certainly go with all shades, including your white tee. So, make sure you bring a pair of jeans in your suitcase when you go on vacation.

Baggy-fit jeans — such as boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, or wide-leg jeans will be more comfortable to wear around. The good thing is, a pair of jeans will have more than one use during your vacation. A fancy bright-colored crop top or a cozy oversized knit top, well, both of them will definitely look fabulous paired with your jeans.

3. A Floral Print Dress

A flowing and light floral dress is a must for those of you who want to look more feminine and elegant. This dress will look perfect for a vacation outfit in both spring and summer. The timeless pattern and bright colors really match the tropical vibe, and you can wear it day or night. What you might need to consider is the soft fabric and the length of the dress that suits your comfort. Don’t forget to bring sandals or strappy heels to complete your adorable dress.

4. Neutral Cropped Pants

Why do you need to give serious thought to your vacation outfits because your suitcase can’t fit your entire wardrobe? To keep things simple, stick to versatile items that are easy to mix and match, one of which is cropped pants. These pants have quite a bit of character and the silhouette always looks fashionable when paired with any top — shirt, t-shirt, or knit. To make it easier for you to style it, opt for neutral colors and make sure the material is comfortable.

5. Cardigan

It depends on the time and the destination you are going to, but one thing is for sure, a cardigan will be useful to bring. Cardigans can add warmth to your outfit when you visit places where the wind chills, while in the hotter tropics, a cardigan provides ample protection from the sun. After all, a cardigan will make your outfit look more fashionable, and that’s the point!

6. Comfortable Footwear

Leave your stilettos behind because when traveling around you will need footwear that is more comfortable and safer to wear. A pair of white sneakers is an option you can never go wrong with. They are comfortable and can elevate any outfit you are wearing. Flat sandals such as strappy, boho, Birkenstocks, or slide ones can also be brought and worn at tourist destinations. Apart from not taking up much space in your suitcase, flat sandals are comfortable and stylish in design. For something sexier and more elegant, wedge sandals are a great option that you can pack on.

7. Fancy Accessories

If you’re thinking of adopting casual and fashionable celebrity airport fashion for your vacation, then a bucket hat is a brilliant start. This hat is not only an accessory to protect you from the sun but will also give you a cool 90s vibe. Another accessory that you can’t leave out is sunglasses. It’s a staple that gives you great coverage from the glare of the sun while making you feel your best wherever you go.

Visiting dream destinations will be unforgettable moments, so make sure your vacation outfits are also right. But after all, what’s most comfortable is what you should pack. Have a nice trip!


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