Before you can start from the tights project, make sure you have all the materials. This article is intended to produce corset through simple material provided in your own house. Pipeline tape, a pair of scissors effectively cut the fabric, an old T-shirt that can be cut, a permanent mark, a lining cloth, etc. This is what you need for this item. You will need this project assistant, so make sure you have a very nice friend to help you.

The production of corset involves two basic steps to make the corset of the corset and the corset lining. Once, you have a pattern in the hand, which is very easy to sew the lining of the fabric.

First, do not wear a bra for an old T-shirt. Bra inside looks not look good. The purpose of the T-shirt is to protect your skin from tape.
Next, please your friend along the contours, around the shape of your parcel, corset. In the wrapped tape at the same time, covering the neck, shoulder strap and other contours.
Once you have defined all the contours and the rough shape of the corset is ready, it is time to fill the space now.
The tape is evenly wrapped within the specified profile. Make sure your friends do not have too many overlapping tapes. The thickness of the tape should be uniform in all places and should be as hard as the shell.
Then, decide on the design of your corset and repair the shoulder strap, shoelaces and so on.
Mark these locations with permanent markers.
Now let your friends cut the T-shirt along the design and outline. This will make you rude, because the T-shirt is cut off after cutting (that’s why it’s important to get a “really good” friend!).
Once you have cut all the pieces, you need to cut off the extra t-shirt from the corset.


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