Choose Halloween Costumes to Flatter the Plus-Size Figure

You will probably feel best in the plus size corset dress of a character that is by definition majestic, stately and imposing, or one that is expected to be buxom. Long swishing robes that cover your lumps and bumps and that give you a presence would be ideal. And if your upper arms are less than toned, you might feel happier in something with sleeves.

Try to avoid characters that are too delicate, girlish or athletic. You will probably do better as a Queen than as a Princess, as an Angel than as a Fairy. A Witch, Vampire or Ghost costume, or anything with a long flowing cloak, would be good too. Grecian draperies or Valkyrie outfits are superb for you. You would be fine as Cleopatra if your arms are up to it.

There are lots of beautiful Medieval and Renaissance costumes which set off a generous figure to perfection. Any costume involving a corset will nip in your waist and push up your assets. Teamed with a wide hoop skirt, this silhouette will make your upper torso look well defined and conceal heavy thighs.

Think about the Tavern Wench, or possibly the Southern Belle if you are in an age group to carry it off. The female Pirate can be effective too, as she doesn’t have to be slim (think of the character Ruth in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pirates of Penzance).

All this does not mean that you have to look mature, elderly or frumpy.  If you want to be  a Fairy, make sure you are a funny fairy rather than one that looks like mutton dressed as lamb.  The Princess is expected to be youthful and fresh, so if you are a little past that stage perhaps think of another idea.


Look Hot in Plus Size Club Dresses in Five Easy Steps

Who said that a plus size woman cannot sport a club dress and look hot? Gone are those days when oversized women used to wear suits and sarees to hide their flab and avoid going to clubs. Today, women are much more independent and confident that even if they wear a sexy corset, they can look extremely hot. What actually is needed is to know the five simple steps, by which, even a plus size woman can look hot in a club dress.

Firstly, say a big NO to flowery patterns.Much outdated from fashion, these prints would not only make you look plump, but also fetch thumbs down from the fashionistas in the club. So avoid these prints in order to not look podgy or wannabe and better opt for singular prints, especially block prints.

Much before this, you need to know your body type because only when you know your body type, you will actually know which area to conceal. So, in order to achieve an hour glass figure, determine your body type correctly. It will also help you to reveal the best feature of your body, whereas hide the problem area that has extra flab.

Then, you need to know the major weapon that can help you become it-girl of the party. And the weapon is stylizing your dress with Big Belts and Heels. Spice up your look by accessorizing your outfit nicely. Put on the best heels, best jewelry and the best make-up to enhance your look.

A perfect belt for your dress can be the one that is broad and has a big buckle as it can cover up your problem areas. It would not only make you look hot in a plus size dress but also add a sassy touch to it. And then to appear taller, leaner and slimmer, choose the right set of heels. As you better know that only the heels can make a head turn.

Fire up the look of your dress by wearing a low cut dress, but if you opt for it then balance it by covering your legs a lot more. Similarly, if you are going for a super short skirt then keep it classy as well as modest by wearing stockings with it.

Finally, avoid any faux pass and don’t even think about wearing flats as instead of making your legs appear elongated, flats make them look heavy and fleshy. So, now that you have read the fundamentals of looking hot in a plus size club dress, just rock the club with your style as well as sexy dress.

How to Find a Trustworthy, High Qualified Wedding Dress Maker

When deciding on having a custom made wedding dress by a professional, high qualified wedding dress maker or bridal designer, you need need to pick one who you can trust. But how to choose if you have no idea where to start? Here are some tips for you to make this decision easier.

There is always important to know, what exactly are you looking for! So open you mind and ask the question: who is a dressmaker? (see what Wikipedia published about it)

“The Oxford English Dictionary first recorded ‘dressmaker’ in 1803. Throughout the nineteenth century and until the rise of ready-to-wear, most women who did not make their own clothes at home employed a dressmaker, who copied or adapted the latest clothing ideas from Paris, London or other fashion centers, based on printed illustrations called fashion plates.

A dressmaker is often professionally trained. Many learn in an apprentice role, under the tutelage of an established dressmaker, while some learn in formal school settings. Still others learn through years of trial and error. Dressmaking methods involve measurements, a trial garment, called a “muslin” or “toile”, and several fittings.

Custom dressmakers also create clothing for clients with unique needs, such as performers, artists, disabled or wheelchair-users, wearers of prosthetic devices, vintage or fashion-forward aficionados, and historical re-enactors. They can also recreate, redesign, and reinvent existing garments (such as updating a great-grandmother’s gown for modern day use). Some have very specific specialties, such as embroidery, reweaving, and restoring garments. Some are designers who can create a garment entirely “from scratch”, and some require a pattern or an existing garment to use as a guide”


Impress Your Guests with these Charming Reception Gowns

A newly married couple holds a wedding reception to celebrate their first moments as husband and wife and both want look their very best. The wedding reception plus size corset dress has become part of wedding tradition and in addition to a beautiful look, brides want to wear a reception gown that is fun, comfortable and flattering so she can dance the night away with ease.

While not a “requirement,” reception gowns are an especially good idea for brides with a wedding dress that is voluminous, bulky, or tight-a wedding dress you don’t want to risk ruining around food and drinks or simply haul around all night. Some wedding dresses are practically impossible to dance in; for instance, a mermaid-style wedding dress is notorious for constricting a lot of movement. Whereas your wedding dress is traditional and formal, the reception gown is meant to be more fun and modern.

Short Dresses

Some brides opt for a more playful and informal look by wearing a shorter, knee-length dress such as the strapless tafetta bubble dress, which often features ruched detail on the bubble skirt. Another sweet, striking style is the chiffon dress with ruffles style gown.

Many of these strapless, short chiffon dresses feature a ruffled top and delicate floral accents. For even more embellishments to the chiffon dress, brides may want to consider a dress with a peek-a-boo hem, which perfectly complements this dress’ ruched bodice, which consistently creates and accentuates a flattering shape. A shorter dress generally costs less and often range in price from $100 to $300, but of course, the sky is the limit.

Long Sleeved Gowns

For a winter wedding, there are long sleeved reception gowns available, the shift dress being most popular. A long sleeved shift dress is fashionable and flattering to women of all sizes. Shift dresses are timeless and classic, are often made of soft jersey and often adorned with beaded details. A perfect touch for this dress is to add beaded detail to the sleeves’ trim or hem of the knee-length skirt. An extra special touch for this dress is a cowl neck detail in the back.
Many tea-length reception gowns are made of classic satin, but there are certainly many embellishments that can be added to this dress. For example, a bride can choose a tea-length satin gown with 3D floral beaded detail or perhaps add some box pleats, a beaded empire waist or a delicate bow or brooch.
Long Gowns

Long, simple gowns provide a sleek, classic look and come in many styles. The knit jersey gown is a comfortable, more casual look. Especially perfect for a summer wedding, the knit jersey gown is double lined, features a tank bodice and usually comes adorned with charmeuse detail on the straps and under the bust line.

For a more decorous, floor length dress, some popular styles include the satin ballgown or the soft, flowing chiffon A-line. The strapless pick-up ball gown has a fitted bodice and voluminous skirt that creates a modern, romantic look. An especially feminine look, the halter chiffon a-line reception gown is a perfect choice. This gown is made of flowing chiffon and can feature the sweetheart neckline, a neckline shaped like the top of a heart, which is flattering to the décolletage. For a very special dress, brides may want to consider the organza gown with beaded ruffle detail.

Halloween Fancy Dress Ideas

Not sure what to wear this year for Halloween? Looking for something other than the typical witch, wizard or devil? Well how about a different spin on a fancy dress idea that’s not usually used for Halloween?

We’ve seen the ghost pirate idea for example in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Wear a pirate costume but with a skeleton bones t-shirt under it and white face paint or even full ghost face make-up. The same idea works for lots of other types of costume – you could be a ghost of a fireman, a ghost of a schoolgirl, a ghost Victorian gentleman and so on.

If you’re going with a friend or in a couple you can be a wrong-doer and the haunter to match. For example a doctor of death with a ghost patient following behind or a gangster and a gunshot victim ghost “haunting” him all evening.

And instead of a ghost you could be a zombie…a zombie nurse, a zombie doctor, a zombie cowboy, a zombie fairy or a zombie anything-else-you-like! Make-up and a good wig will transform an existing costume into a Halloween costume quickly and inexpensively.

Or how about a French maid la house of evil. Torn fishnets, or stockings with skeleton bones on them, a black and grey wig and even blacked out teeth and warts if you like! Apart from the last two items you can still look sexy even while looking evil!

Instead of a good fairy you could be a wicked fairy with torn wings, torn stockings and a black corset and tutu or frilly skirt with long black boots. There are also dark fairy costumes available and an interesting take on Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell, Tinkerspell – with torn stockings, docks, crooked, torn wings and messed up hair.

Or instead of an angel, be the fallen kind. Take an existing white angel costume but wear something out of the ordinary such as sexy over the knee boots or bright red shoes and fishnets. Add a crooked halo and you’re set! There are also black angel costumes readily available complete with black halos and wings.

The good turned bad idea would also work for a priest or monk – start out with a long robe that hides a devil outfit, you could even gradually add elements to your costume. Start as a priest, add a devil tail then add devil horns, then hitch up the costume to reveal pointy black or red shoes then finally remove the robe and reveal the true devil inside!

Bring Out Your Dark Side This Halloween As The Black Swan

Halloween costumes are a crucial part of Halloween activities, and today is a great time for you to start researching the best Halloween costume ideas. Originally, costume themes centred round the supernatural, however in recent times it has become fashionable to select more sophisticated or humorous themes too. With that being said, the range of costumes to choose from has expanded exponentially as well and it is now less complicated to create unique Costumes for Halloween. Let us check on a just a few Costume ideas that could be used for corset skirts sets.

Who here is not familiar with the movie Black Swan; the tragic yet beautiful role of Nina Sayers played none other than by Natalie Portman.

Black Swan follows the story of a dancer, Nina, whose life revolves around her dance career. She was given the lead to the play called Black Swan but was seen fitting more for the role of the White Swan. The artistic director didn’t think she had what it takes, the dark side, to play the role of Black Swan, but Nina was set to proof him wrong. In a turn of events, Nina finds herself getting more in touch with her dark side which became uncontrollable, and threatened to destroy her from within.

The captivating appearance that Nina carried as her role in Black Swan has captured so much attention around the world. So much so that it would be an excellent costume to wear for Halloween! The white version of the Black Swan is equally amazing and would be perfect to pair with the Black Swan if you’re planning to spend Halloween with a friend or a twin.

To wear the dark side of the Swan, you’ll need a black leotard, preferably with slender straps and the confidence to wear it. You’ll also need a black tutu or ballet skirt. For added fun, why not get yourself a light-up tutu. They’re very pretty, especially at night. Don’t worry, the tutu is perfectly safe too and has a hidden switch to turn it off.

If you’re willing to splurge a little bit more, an intricate black corset will enhance the look. Some feathers around the bodice will be perfect to recreate the Black Swan look. It is, after all, the look of swan you’re after, and feathers will make you look more, um, swan-ish. Watch out though, they may tickle!

You’ll also need a pair of white opaque tights and black ballet slippers to match your dress. You can also opt for ballet flats instead.

Your makeup can really give you that dramatic look. You’ll need to paint your face and upper body white and have feathers painted around your eyes in black. Your lips need to be coloured blood red. Paint some feathers on your hands too. If its done correctly, you can really recreate the striking look of the Black Swan.

Recent Trends in Fashionable Lingerie to Suit Your Tastes

Different lingerie styles have come into fashion to spice up the relationship between a man and woman. To look sensuous, you need to feel that sensuousness within you. Different styles in modern lingerie clothing will certainly make it more exciting for both men and women. Like any other apparel, lingerie also changes in fashion and utility. Designers are mastering this art to help you create that frenzied effect on your partner.

There are different styles in the latest lingerie trends. Black, of course, is a color that can never go wrong; be it a lacy bra, corset, or camisole. You need to choose that perfect fitting and style that will go best with your clothes. There are different types available in the market to match with your different types of apparel. Retro style cotton sets with high-waist panties or knickers are back in fashion in various shapes and sizes. They look classic yet romantic; however, these cannot be worn in your regular working life.

With satin and silk floor kissing gowns and dresses, a self-bra can provide that extra push to slimmer girls and be their best friend for parties. Chick panties, to traditional bra sets in satin, to sensuous lacy ones – all of them are in vogue. Other colors that will never go out of style are traditional and classic white and beige lingerie. They will go with anything and everything. A black and white combination is another hot trend that is here to stay, whether it is stripes or polka dots. You can also go for different shades of blue like indigo, azure or turquoise. This will exude a sense of cool comfort in those warm sunny spring and summer months.

Some of the other styles include cami-garters, baby doll nighties, chemises, camisoles, slips, garter skirts and many more. Colors, laces and ruffles will add to that a touch of elegance. There is nothing to be embarrassed. In fact, your partner will also appear in sexy lingerie to make it an exciting night for both of you! To surprise him, opt for a bold look, like an open bust or some cup-less lingerie.

However, before picking anything up that catches your fancy, just check it out once if that suits your style or fits you well. At the end of the day its all about that perfect fit – be it in fashion or not. To make that night most romantic with style you need to check out that comfort level.


Flower Girl Dresses – Make Your Pretty Girl Look Special

Flower girl dresses have been traditionally designed for girls between 3 to 8 years of age. These types of dresses are specifically conceptualized and designed for the weddings. A flower girl walks ahead in the path of the bride, sprinkling flowers. Traditionally, a flower girl also has to carry flower basket. Now, all this make her the point of attraction next to the bride and thus this leaves no margin to adjust with the flower girl’s outfit. These flower girl’s dresses can be found in numerous designs, fabrics and colors.
Not many years ago, dresses for flower girls were originally made in white. However, with the changing trends, various colors have now been put to use to enhance the beauty of the dress for the little girls. Also, the use of these flower dresses are now not only limited to weddings. You can even have your girl wear flower dresses for other occasions like baptism, communions, christening, parties, receptions and Easter etc.

Although flower dresses are made of a variety of materials, dresses made from silk, organza and satin are most popular. These can be made to look more beautiful by the addition of satin ribbons, corded rosettes, laces, beads, tulle and even seed pearls. The style of the flower girl dresses changes according to the style of the bridal dresses. A white princess style bodice combined with a layered tulle skirt and puffed sleeves that are sprinkled with cream, pink silken rosebuds are considered to be the latest trends in flower girl dresses. Another popularly hot trend can be a sleeveless corset made of satin on a black bodice completely gelled with beaded rosettes. These types of dresses can be bought in full ankle length skirts with seed pearls scattered all throughout the hem and also a crinoline beneath the dress that provides a ball style effect.

If you search on the internet for flower girls dresses, you will also come upon designer and branded ones that are accompanied with a vast range of complementary accessories. The accessories include wicker bastes with flowers, ribbons and headbands. If you opt for a complete set of these accessories, you also get a tiara, bows, barrettes, gloves, veils and hair wreaths in addition to the other items mentioned above. The best thing about these branded dresses is that you can either buy the dress with the accessories, or just buy one without the accessories. Of course, a dress will be cheaper when bought without the accessories.

Parents usually face fitting issues when buying a flower dress for their lovely ones. Also, since these are to be worn on selected and special occasions, proper fitting becomes a must for these dresses. Ensure that the dress is neither over sized nor does it fit too tightly on any part of the body. There are manufacturers who also offer custom sized flower girl dresses. All you need to do is to choose the preferred fabric, style, design and the decorative accessories. Leave the rest on the designers and the tailors. The dresses are usually delivered within a week.


Swept Away – The Making Of A Sea Captain’s Bride

As a young girl I watched a movie titled “The Ghost and Mrs Muir”, A young Richard Harrison and the gorgeous Gene Tiereny played the unforgettable characters of the crusty ghost, Captain Gregg and his earthly love, Mrs Muir. Although they could not be together at this time, I always knew they were destined only for each other and that he would wait for her. Such a love could not be denied and would endure through eternity. He was waiting for her when she breathed her last and arm and arm they strolled into the great here after together. I still sigh over it after all these years. When later they made it into a tv series, I was just as enthralled by the modern corset skirts sets as well. To be loved in such a way is something of what dreams are made of.

If you are a bride who has fallen for a seafaring man, captain or a seaman in the navy, or if you and your fiance simply love old movies and wish to play the part of a Captain and his bride, then let me give you some fabulous tips on how to make your wedding an earthly event you and he will never forget.

Wedding Location:

The location of your wedding is very important because it provides atmosphere for your wedding. Have you ever considered getting married on a cruise ship? You could transform a ballroom and have the captain, decked out in full uniform marry you at sea. What fun! Of course you could spring for a beach cove wedding or get married on your groom’s yacht if he owns one. But have you considered finding an old house perched on a cliff over looking the sea. Slinking down a winding staircase to stand next to your own beloved would be an unforgettable experience for both of you.


If you’ve decided on a location for your nuptials it’s now time to decorate and transform your venue into a sea captain’s hideaway. Send out invitations made up to look like treasure maps. Hang netting along the walls of your venue interspersed with shells, starfish and coral. Find an old chest, fill to over flowing with gold coins, fake jewels and pearls, throw in a few bolts of silk. Next, set up tables laid with white linen table cloths, use lots of drippy candles, and coral or sea shells as place card holders.Set up special seats of honor for the bride and groom. Depending on wether your wedding is modern or historical ask your guests to dress accordingly.

Bridal Party Attire:

Of course the groom should dress in his captain’s or navy uniform. If this is a historical wedding have him dress up as a pirate or old world captain, This costume might include a tricorn hat adorned with a bold red plume, white linen shirt and black boots. Groomsmen should dress as seamen. Brides should dress in whatever wedding gown she fancys although if historical, select a corseted gown with puffy sleeves edged with lace and billowing skirt. Remember Princess Diana’s wedding gown? Weave colorful flowers in the bride’s hair. Bridesmaids should dress in the same way but not as spectacular.

Reception and Feast:

A Sea Captain’s feast should be fit for a king! Serve food in pewter plates with silver goblets. A seafarer’s feast should include lots of fresh fruit, mangoes, oranges, melons, papayas. Serve rum, cocktails, whiskey, beer, margaritas to name just a few. The main course might include, lobster, shrimp, swordfish, steaks and Teriyaki chicken. Pair with potatoes, rice, poi and fresh salads. Finally, leave your guests gasping with delight when they view your wedding cake, made to look like a magnificent ship, complete with billowing sails. Just make sure it’s delicious.

Fun and Fearless Fashion With Dress Up Games

Most women would like to be a star like Emma Watson or Jessica Parker. Not only these ladies are good actresses but also they are icons of fashion and style. Their secrets lie in every detail of what they wear on; from the sequins, the ruffles, and the basic embellishments that make them stand out among the crowd. But how do these ladies go about their wardrobe that they become bewitching babes and make everyone under their stylish spell? Discover fun and fearless fashion with dress up games and be one of these superb fashion icons!

Fun and fearless fashion start off by choosing the right piece of clothing to wear. However, there are only three things that can happen when you experiment with style. First, you become the fashion icon that everybody follows. Second, you end up in a fashion disaster and third, you become invisible that nobody seems to distinguish you from the others, which is the worst. In order to avoid these evils, it is important that you study what you wear not for the sake that everybody adores your outfit but for the sake of seeking your uniqueness in the crowd and reflect your true personality. If you are not bold enough to try on clothes, dress up games can be truly helpful in this aspect.

With dress up games, you can find clothes that you also have same with other accessories that you can pair with it. The only thing that you must do is to set up a virtual model of you and prepare for the mix and match.
To make a star style, play up with glittery shrug and pair it with a purple full skirt. A corset tube can make a sexy style with faded jeans and have it paired with lace-up booties. To add to the embellishment, a crystal cuff and oversized earrings will do the trick.

Nothing expresses your love for yourself but by bringing out the best in you in everything that you do and in every place where you go. This means that you owe yourself to be fashionable too even in your workplace. Try a shimmering top to add sparkle to your office dress. An oversized belt and its matching cuff will look best for your black and shiny stilettos. If you want to keep the conservative approached in dressing up, find a brocade jacket at dress up games that add sophistication and credence to your work ensembles.

Dress up for your shape and add a glint of elegance and style to your wardrobe with dress up games. Shopping for the clothes that adore your shape and reflect your personality will bring less fear of dressing up because you know that you look best on these clothes. Do not be afraid to experiment and have fun and fearless fashion. Go for tailored tops, whimsical skirts, and figure hugging pants that makes a sparkle of your body assets. Be fashionable and find the thrill with dress up games!