Nurse lingerie is the most popular of all fantasy lingerie. Nurse uniforms say “I’m naughty but nice and here to cater to your needs!” A nurse costume is a super-sexy version of the classic nurse’s uniform. The tops are low-cut and the skirts are short and snug.

You can buy a nurse costume that’s either a mini-dress or a two-piece with a separate top and skirt. For private, special occasions, select a bra and panty set. Lots of nurse lingerie is satin, but vinyl and leather are also becoming popular choices.

The best nurse lingerie pays attention to details. No nurse costume is complete without a stethoscope. You’ll hear your special someone’s heart beat racing! There’s no need to rush out to the local medical supply store. Almost all nurse costumes include a stethoscope. Some even include an over-sized needle. Perhaps for a shot of love? You’ll also want that famous little nurse’s cap.

With nurse uniforms, white is the classic color that comes to mind. But you can break with tradition and wear a red, black, or pink nurse costume. In fact, some nurse costumes even come in the unmistakable “scrub green” color. Don’t worry, though. No loose-fitting cotton tops and pants here. Only leather mini-skirts and tight button-up tops.

If you select a nurse costume that’s sexy but more PG-13 rated, you can even wear it to a Halloween party. A lot of women enjoy showing off their fabulous figure in a costume that’s provocative, but still appropriate for most costume parties.

Another of the most popular fantasy costumes is the french maid. French maids wear lots of ruffles. Wear a ruffled white petticoat underneath for a look that’s extra flirty. You can even buy little white ruffled panties to wear underneath! A little bit of modesty can be very tantalizing. And a white apron is another must-have.

Of course, a feather duster is an absolute essential. Most french maid costumes come readily equipped with one. A little cap is another nice touch. To top it off, how about trying your hand at a French accent? “Oui” and “monsieur” are all you need to know!

Since your french maid costume is black and white, white thigh-highs and black patent leather heels are a fabulous footwear choice.

Depending on how daring you want to go, you can buy a one-piece, two-piece, or bra and panty set. French maid costumes come in many styles. You can pick the one you like best: cap sleeves, lace-up corsets, spaghetti straps, or off-the-shoulder.

Fantasy plus size corset dress are just that: occupation-related uniforms that bring fantasies to life. With fantasy uniforms, Halloween can be a year-round event. No spooky ghosts and witches, only flirtatious french maids and nicely naughty nurses for these costumes!

A bit of role-playing can be quite fun. Ask your special someone what his favorite fantasy uniform is. Fantasy lingerie is a wide departure from your typical teddies and nighties. Why not mix it up – buy both a french maid and a nurse costume? Different occasions call for different occupations, after all.


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