Vampires are considered this century’s most popular folklore. It may not be the most original costume of the year, but it is classic and ageless… literally! Most people have found themselves favoring the side of these blood sucking creatures, and it’s quite obvious why! Their mystery is timeless, and only now is their history finally starting to unfold. Do they glitter, or burn in the sunlight? Do they sleep in coffins, or not at all? Are they kind and romantic, or just out for a taste of your blood? These cold dark creatures are up for our own interpretation. What better way to discover their true objectives then to become one of them?

Now, whether you’re dark and evil, or romantic and ageless, you can be a part of this quickly growing trend. Vampire costumes are more popular now than ever. There is something mesmerizing about their garb that makes us want to join the unknown world of these undead beings. Not only can you wear them for Halloween and Costume Parties, but for Vampire movie and TV series releases. Vampire costumes now come in all sizes, including plus sizes.

Male vampire costumes can be constructed in a number of ways. The classic black suit with red accents is most popular. This comes with a long black cape which, depending on your preference, can include the tall red collar. A costume such as this would not be complete without a set of fangs and pale powder makeup to make you appear cold and undead. Some costumes portray vampires more handsomely. Those are more elegant, and come complete with a vest and a tie. This can be achieved in a Victorian manner, or a more modern manner depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Female vampires have the option of being dark and deceptive, like their counterpart, or dangerously sexy. The dark and deceptive demoness would wear a long black dress and cape with her hair long and untouched. Remember, vampires can’t look in a mirror! A powdered face is essential for looking the part, along with fierce fangs. If you want to lure in your prey as the sexy creature of the night, you would opt for the more revealing look which contains a corset, shortened skirt to show those legs, and fishnet stockings. Any mortal would crumble at the hands of those sexy fangs!

Kids can also enjoy the mystery and dress up as a vampire too! Kids’ costumes most often mimic the classic version of the adults. They come in all sizes, from infants up to teen! Now the whole family can create their own story as a family of vampires.

Vampires have secured their place in the history books as harsh and unforgiving. Put a little fun in their story by dressing up and having a good time! Slick back your hair, add blood for effect, and even invest in some colored contacts to really give it a good effect. There are so many ways to add a twist to these classic creatures. Whether you’re a pale vampire who has been trapped in a coffin for hundreds of years, or a young vampire newly lost in the world of immortality, the journey is yours and the best way to start it out is by dressing the part!


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