Belt is the trend this year. There are several types, but do you know “corset belts”?As its name is tights, in the design, for example, to become a band with a thick feature that is compared with the syllabus. Although seemingly and difficult may be Concorde, happy a surprisingly simple point.So this time, I will talk about three basic entry methods for beginners “belt”!

I think a lot of people are wearing shirts and shirts. However, even if put it together, you can also use the corset belt. And from the top of the coat, it is also nice to let us cover you ♡ dare to come out is the butt of the buttocks and the abdomen to see nowadays the twill belt connection.Open the corset belt to cover the shrinkage section. Because it seems that a Western is also a great ♡ high Hosomie West tight squeeze, into a long foot effect. Even a simple bottom, corset woven into an accent, it is a sharp costume.

It is recommended to add a tight corset strap at a higher position in the garment. If you put it into a long dress, or wearing a line of lines looks blurred silhouette, then a better balance. It completes the beautiful silhouette, far more than wearing on a table.


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