If you are a larger size, you don’t have to worry or feel inferior. You can be as desirable as a smaller-sized woman, and you have as much a right to look your sensual best. Curves are in, and most fashion designers are including larger sizes in their line of clothing. No longer does an oversized woman have to look drab in clothes that are ill fitted and out of fashion. The latest trends in fashion are available in all sizes. This includes the new fashion rage -corsets.

Larger women look and feel great in a corset. In the Victorian and Edwardian era, corsets were designed to make women appear slimmer, so a plus size women will look fabulous in a corset that will enhance her curves and modify her body.

Check your local lingerie shop or search the Internet. You can expect to find hundreds of plus size corsets and bustiers in satin, velvet, leather and brocade. Learn to love the curves you have always longed to shed. Invest in a custom made unique one-of-a kind corset that you have fantasized about.

Be aware that when wearing a corset, your torso will be more constricted than usual. Your breathing will be somewhat shallower as well. Avoid stenuous exercise while wearing a corset. There is a reason they had fainting couches in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. If a woman got too stressed out, the corset’s constricting force would cut off the oxygen! So if you wear a corset from time to time, tell you doctor so that he or she may be aware of it.


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