When shopping for corset skirts sets, the most important thing is to get the right size to suit your body. A larger piece will not give you the desired effect, and a smaller one will only strain your body too much. Unfitting pieces are uncomfortable to wear, but once you get the ideal size, you will enjoy all the benefits of enhancing your figure and posture.

So which body shape can gain from wearing a corset? The answer is that you can wear corsets and basques no matter your shape and size. This means that even if you are tall and slim or plus sized, there is always something for you to match your body. Here are some ideas you can keep in mind while buying these sexy items for yourself.corset skirts sets

Average Body Type
If you are lucky to be of average shape, it means that you have natural curves, medium curves and are close to a natural hourglass figure. You can wear virtually any shape of corset available, since these items are designed to enhance the body that you have naturally. All you need is to measure your waist, bust and hip size, and any design of corset will look great on you. This also works for women who are full figured, whether short or tall.

Tall Slim Body Type
Being tall and lanky is no restriction to wearing basques. When shopping, do look for designs that have a longer cinching length which will match the length between your underbust and waist area. This way you can create the figure you want while matching your natural length and shape of your body. If you have a small bust, you can buy a design that has frilled or laced trim at the top that will make you look fuller.

Pear Shaped Body Type
Having a pear shape means that you are “bottom heavy”, or that your hips and thighs are generally wider than your bust and shoulders, and that you have a small waist. You can also get a corset for your body type, and you only need a design that highlights your chest area. Try different colors and shapes such as the sweetheart neckline with a trim on it to get the desired effect.



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