ne of the most fun (and stressful) parts of planning a wedding is picking a wedding dress. The variety of choices available, both traditional and nontraditional, is staggering. One of the more popular recent wedding gown innovations is the corset wedding dress. These dresses both highlight and create a beautiful figure for the bride while also emphasizing her sexiness and playful personality. These gowns work best of all in theme weddings, such as “Medieval” or “steampunk” weddings, as they bring to mind earlier, nobler times.

corset skirts sets    have been worn for centuries – at one point they were even worn by men! By the 1940s, corsets were rarely worn in public. But recently, the fashion world has seen a resurgence in the popularity of the corset, and wedding fashion is no exception to this trend. Corsets are used to make an “hourglass shape” for the bride by pulling in the waist in and supporting the breasts. The best aspect of these dresses is that they are suitable for any figure. Corset wedding dresses will give shape and structure to a woman with a larger figure, while a thinner woman will be able to show off curves that normally may not be so noticeable.

Corsets do have a reputation for immodesty, but newer styles can actually be quite understated if this effect is desired. Dresses with or without straps, if matched with proper accessories like shawls and jackets, can retain a traditional look and still be worn in more formal settings.

One of the most useful aspects of these dresses is how easy they can be adjusted. Some brides gain or lose a little weight in between their final fitting and the big day, and this can cause stress if the dress doesn’t fit quite right. With a corset wedding dress, however, the laces in back can easily be tightened or loosened to accommodate these changes!



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