A quality corset will embellish your burlesque look and image, it is definitely going to be a must have purchase, but before doing so it is imperative to consider what style and make you need to go for. Corsets are definitely a girl’s best friend as they encourage a figure within the highly sought after silhouette of an ‘hourglass’.

The type of corset you select needs to best partner with your particular frame and body type. You must also ensure that all the elements of your height, waist circumference, top and full hip measurements, weight and torso length are taken fully into the equation to ensure a burlesque corset fits you comfortably, safely and enticingly.

Corsets are designed to be worn under the clothes and it takes time for the waist to become accustomed to the design and shape of the corset. This method is referred to as ‘waist training’, which should be done slowly to accustom the body safely to wearing a corset, without damaging health. Ideally a corset should be purchased a little bigger than your actual waist size, so in this instance it’s important to be truthful with the tape measure.

Ensure you buy a 4 to 6 inch larger size than you need to help you later close the corset safely over your figure without any resulting struggles or painful experiences. Those ladies who have a larger figure will benefit from gaining more support from a corset which is fully steel-boned, these are likely to be more expensive, but offer more comfort and flexibility.

Before you put on a burlesque ensemble of clothing and accessories, it is definitely best to put your shoes on before you slip into the desired corset, which don’t worry, is not a particularly graceful exercise for many! If you know your body is going to be soon squeezed into the waist pulling magnificence of corset adornment, then be sure to avoid bloating or fatty foods immediately before you wear it, alongside any fizzy drinks or alcohol which may cause some embarrassing windy side effects when a corset is being worn!


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