Most people do not have any idea what the difference between a bustier and a corset is. After reading this, hopefully you will understand the differences and be able to purchase the corset or bustier that best suits your needs.


If you want to have maximum control over your stomach and hips, as well as having built-in garters, then the corset is for you. They cover you from your bust down to your hips. When requiring a sleek look under your evening clothes or even work suits, wearing a corset is the answer. They come in a full range of sizes from tiny to plus sizes, and along with making a women’s waist look smaller, they are a great way to hold up your fashion nylons or stockings. There are corsets that have ‘built in’ support features such as spandex inserts that can help with those problem areas such as tummies or buttocks. The only trouble you might encounter now is which color, style or material you are looking for because the choices are unending.


The bustier, which was once worn only under women’s clothes, can now be worn as eveningwear, thanks in part to many female icons who have worn bustiers as outerwear for many, many years. No longer the hidden garment; the bustier has come out of the closet so to speak and is erotic, exciting, beautiful eveningwear too.

A bustier is great because it hides the waistline but is good at accentuating the bust, which many women will find appealing. Many styles have four to six removable garter straps attached to the bottom of the bustier. This gives you the option of removing them or leaving them on to have a very attractive way to secure your nylons. The bustier does show a little more skin than a regular garter belt, but the overall look is extremely exciting and seductive which is an extra feature.



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