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We live in a world where women are judged from time to time. The women’s bathroom is one of the few unique places for sex, it can hang together – a short but easy loosening corset.
“Is it there?”

“Try your finger!”

In the lady room of the luxurious London Bar, I stood anxiously in front of the stall. It was my sister who tried to insert a strange cup of menstruation. I tried to guide her at the door as much as possible. A few minutes ago, several girls walked into this strange scene. They did not hesitate to find out what had happened and put it into it. A girl was troubleshooting like an experienced IT professional, and the other person consulted the manufacturer’s corset skirts sets  website. Soon after, more than 60 strangers had entered and everyone stopped to provide an encouragement or emergency tampon.

Welcome to the world of women’s restrooms, where the sisterhood is more profound than the conversation you had with a sangria drink for 2 minutes. You never learned her name, but you stopped her hair and told her to dump her cheat. If you are not the nurse, then a woman will surely comfort you in the bathroom.

Yes, it interprets old women who can’t visit the toilet alone – directly from men’s imagination. Now you know why. There will always be people summoned in the lady’s room. I could not count the number of times I went out, missed my group and went straight to the bathroom. I know that I will always find friends there, even if they are not the one I brought.

This phenomenon is very common, it inspired the entire Reddit clues, the self-evident etiquette of the women’s bathroom, from telling people when there is no toilet paper to let the desperate girl go first. The reviewer even agreed that no matter how awful the girl is, she must not be allowed to leave the toilet. The skirt is tied to her underwear or toilet paper on her shoes.

Although “courtesy” means the modern Debrett manual about how to entertain with elegance, women who help one another in bathroom shelters go beyond that. This is a comprehensive global subculture. Like black mold, unique sisters thrive between wet, dirty bathroom walls. Here, the society is more friendly and gentle, providing help anytime, anywhere, temporarily threatening the Gulf. Here, you can avoid the cree of the bar, the sound of blood, the blood on the jeans, the bass of the concert or the boss’s latest explosion. Before the interview, you can also see the girl in your shirt cufflinks, as well as teen girls who provide you with cushions when you have no clothes. For me, this is where you gather yourself before you face the challenge of not waiting.

We are always ready to provide our wallets, pockets and anything in our hearts, knowing that when we need it, another woman will do the same for us.

We live in a world where women have been judged as everything from a period of time to emotions. The bathroom is one of the few gender-unique places. We can make it all disappear – a brief but very convenient corset skirts sets  Loosening. Women go to the toilet in pairs not because they cannot pour alone, but because they can take a glorious moment to become themselves.

They can talk about how much they hate bathing suits and don’t have to worry that the roof will become drunken mess. They can cry and can only achieve their goals through organization and understanding. They can tell strangers that she is beautiful because the only necessary boundary among ladies is the boundary between booths.

I think of a community drama where one of the characters has never been invited to be a partner in the bathroom because she would prefer to fascism rather than provide a hearing ear or a warm hug. Other women must introduce her to the toilet’s   mysterious ritual to protect their sacred space and teach her the code of conduct that most of us take for granted.

How do we develop this feeling of friendship through instinct? This is what a woman’s world looks like?

Maybe this is why we must pay close attention to this and deeply understand the principle of control over our heavens – even if it occasionally smells less than Eden. We use the patience and efficiency of the assembly line workers to wait in line for hours without having to mind the constant decline of screaming children and paper towels. We follow our own way to clean up girls who follow us. We are always ready to provide our wallets, pockets and anything in our hearts, knowing that when we need it, another woman will do the same for us.

In a strange bar in London, due to the joint efforts of the entire female toilet, my sister successfully inserted her menstrual cup. This is a small and profound personal victory.


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