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On the other day in the office, “to me means something completely different from most people.”

My desk is an outdoor stage. My uniform is made up of many corset skirts , leather tights, belts, bags, boots and hats.

I talked to my clients in an Irish accent and in the dialect of the Renaissance. A minivan, filled with anything traveling by a traveling musician, used as a car for my company.

The road is a complex and tents often used by the company in a local camping site.

Most of all, the products I sell are noisy, rebellious Irish music.

I’m Marlena Noland, a 23 year old trained Irish rock band, Jackdaws, playing the violin in the Bay Area Renaissance musician. We will end the seven weekend of entertainment on Sunday and then go to the Sherwood forest recreation ground outside Austen, Texas.

However, the fact that the wonderful music and disguise of clothing is not a cloak is a very practical job. Most of the morning I will attend meetings, discuss numbers, plan events, and determine expectations. I adhere to a strict timetable, follow a unified code, conform to professional standards, and continue to learn, practice and memorize music.

Also, I have an appointment every weekend in a year, sometimes across a long distance between events. For example, in April, one weekend was Losangeles, and the next was Philadelphia.

I never thought that my music career would take me here. For nine years, I have been studying the classical violin in grade seventh at man high school, and then to Brandon high school, and finally at the University of Tampa. I know I never want to be a classical actor. I’m not satisfied with the idea of being a music teacher, a music therapist, or a composer. It seems to be the scope of my choice.

However, in 2015, I canceled all plans on a Saturday in November, the last time in 2016 for Bay Area Renaissance festival. I landed with my violin and the “country violin position.”

I was immediately immersed in the world of folk music and met with warm and loving, loving musicians, and I was glad to have musical instruments to join them. Only two weeks, my first “Rennie” jackdaw hired me to join them in the summer of the road.

Now, in my third years’ journey, I have traveled nearly 75000 miles, and have come to 13 main American cities, 17 states, and participated in 14 Renaissance festivals. So far my favorite? La Hammond Renaissance Festival in Louisiana.

However, the festival in the bay area always occupies a special place in my heart. This is the first time I was introduced to a musician’s world, and I hope I can be in it after I start my music career. Other musicians should learn from them.

In a cultural world that seems to have lost its appreciation of instrumental music, especially classical music, we should not blame each other. Man’s life is only once in music, and they should not make it harder to make music in constant competition.

Be good to your companions and give them support and love when they need them to help them learn and grow. In this way, music makes us even more special about us and the audience.

The most important and important part of my work is to perform with every performer (some of whom are very close friends I see on the road), and create a magical experience that people yearn for all the year.

In the Renaissance, you entered a different world and forgot the outside world. You can see a live show, usually for a TV show. You can do anything you want to do: a knight, a princess, or a “doctor”.

The most important thing is that you have to experience an experience you can’t get anywhere else, with your family and friends.


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