Sunny Leone may have won the activity of almost everyone’s heart and her PETA (animal friendly person), but she still has a long way to go when it comes to her style.

Girls, who have been on the TV reality show, have Harry in fashion since she became part of the entertainment industry.

From the failure of trying to wear a transparent shoe to a vulgar corset skirts sets, the star has struggled between a fashion hit and a mistake, which is more frequent.

Although her rare beautiful appearance has a promising future, we hope she will continue to dress like this, and she has brought us another fashion failure.

Recently, sunlight has made a launch event in a real casual pack, lacking charm and class.

First of all, we don’t understand why she chose a pistachio tonal jogger, which is intelligent and sports, but does not mean dazzling events.

We can fully understand that one needs comfort, especially in such hot weather, but it is possible to be a better choice than other loose double jogging.

On the frost, she and a white pink corset skirts sets top, and demonstrate how the wrong few experiments can go. All the small flowers above give it the atmosphere of a pajamas, while the pink, striped neckline is seen and out of date. Needless to say, the color code of this suit is very simple.

In addition to the power of clothing selection, the 2 year old actress even disappointed us. She looked at a pair of gold earrings and leaves with such a decorative tune, which did not match all expectations.

Leone finished watching butterflies Ornament Box Clutch, this is wrong, the strange thing is a dud looks almost everything. Butterflies, flowers and green jogger – the sun looks less than a walk in the garden.

We were even disappointed with the soft pink, jogging the high heels that looked very bad, and looking more far down.

We are waiting for you, the sun, give us a rare, amazing appearance very quickly.


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