Paris Fashion Week may have ended, but Kendall Jenner returned to the French capital on Tuesday afternoon.

When she left her hotel and greeted bystanders shortly after she came to France from the United States, her model was very excited.

The 22-year-old Kendall used a unique corset skirts sets  on a simple yellow T-shirt to attract people’s attention as they walked to the waiting car.

Casual black jeans, high-waist design adds a black appearance, while black boots and heavily-stained sunglasses add a lot of round design.

Before the recent debut in Paris, the American model highlighted her natural beauty and chose cosmetics chosen from natural tones.

Kendal pulled her hair into a tight bun, further attracting her attention and making her one of the most successful models in the world.

corset skirts sets

Her appearance came when she was attacked by a close friend and fellow model Bella Hadid. They claimed that they had been under the knife and realized their appearance by slamming the proposed  troll.

The 21-year-old model posted a stern response to a user with Instagram. He told the player that they called it ‘false b**** es’.

This offensive post was added to a fan account, after which it shared an excellent red shirt and Kendall on the top of Bella’s silver chain armor.
However, when one follower commented: “Two fake b**** es sit on the tree, work on nose first, then come to the lips, oh, don’t forget to build it on the cheek.

‘lmao you all fall fam, money can give you a new face, but not the two girls need a better personality. ‘

But Bella noticed this comment and quickly concluded that the troll actually didn’t understand any of them.

Gigi Hadid’s sister wrote: “I hope you know our personality.

“Not only that, I hope you can only master your own heart. I wish you sweetheart. You are a kind of help, I hope I can help you.


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