Stop facing the autumn with colors that are always the same: burgundy, beige, black, orange, and so on and so forth! We need to shake these colors off for a moment and be less rigid with ourselves, trying to wear other types of colors, such as matcha green! This is a very particular shade and it certainly turns out to be very suitable to be worn also as a perfect autumn color, combining it with our pants, shorts, skirts, and coats! A very trendy color this year, and, to be honest, I’m also taking steps to insert something of this color inside my wardrobe. Tops can be a perfect starting point for looking into this color, and for this reason, we are now going to discover some tops that can be adapted to the needs of any girl who is here reading this article, as she is interested in buying!

Top with zipper

I find that the tops with the zipper are very nice to be worn, as they manage to give a special touch to the top you are wearing. The matcha green color is also perfect to be worn in combination with white, in order to make it stand out more, thus making the outfit brighter!

Puffed sleeves

With a puffy sleeve top you have everything you need to have a super outfit that will make you look like you are wearing a very expensive outfit. There is no need to add any designer brands, this top will be enough to complete your premium-looking outfit!

Faux fur top

A particular fabric for a particular color, a perfect duo for those looking for refined and high quality garments, moving away from what are the normal things that could be worn in autumn, preferring garments with a unique touch to these.


fashion tank top
fashion tank top

The comfort of a sweatshirt is indisputable, but it must be admitted that it is a very boring garment to wear, which also puts a little sadness, especially when you start wearing it in the transition between summer and autumn. So why not add a touch with a color of matcha green to put more happiness in our outfit? I think it’s a great idea!

Crop top

I don’t want to stay here to explain why you have to wear a matcha green crop top: you have to wear it because it looks super cool with all your jeans and skirts!

With floral prints

Yes, in autumn the leaves fall, but the beauty of wearing a top of this type, under a blazer or under a coat, is unparalleled, bringing a touch of joy to your outfit and giving you a touch of class!


Sometimes it becomes difficult to find something that is wearable without bothering pants and jackets too much, but that still gives us the opportunity to wear a garment with a particular color. This problem can be solved by wearing a bodysuit, which does not hinder your duo of jacket and jeans, and, with the matcha green color, the complete outfit becomes a feast for the eyes to be observed!


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