How beautiful and elegant are the necklaces? Necklaces are not simple accessories, but I consider them the ideal jewel to give brilliance to our look. And to embellish and highlight our face. In the end, it’s always nice to make an outfit more special. Making it more precious and enriched thanks to a necklace, which makes us feel special even on ordinary days.

Simple necklaces, in particular, despite being very minimal and delicate, are the ones that most of all may be able to harmonize even our most monotonous and one-colored autumn outfits! To adapt in the best way to the type of garment. There are many models of simple necklaces, which you can choose according to your tastes and needs. Let’s go and see some!

Among the models of simple and minimal necklaces that are particularly popular. We find the pendant necklace, the ideal to show off when you wear a turtleneck!

You can also choose to wear necklaces with your name and words special to you. Or even those made of pearls, another great classic, to be combined with a beautiful elegant dress at a ceremony, but also with more casual outfits.

When you show off a round neckline, choose a choker, which lends itself to any type of look and is the winning card in terms of combinations. Above all, you can enhance a dress or a shirt with a choker necklace. This type of necklace wraps one of the most seductive parts of the body of us women. That is the neck, revealing all our femininity, as well as those with a diamond design. It is better to leave around the neck and which is in perfect combination with the clothing of all days, as well as with an elegant outfit.

You can choose whether to wear more precious models made of stones and sparkling metals such as silver, to show off in case of special occasions, ceremonies, weddings, or gala evenings. Or more casual models in steel ideal for every day, to make them look more captivating! To personalize your casual everyday outfit more, you just need to mix between simple necklaces and necklaces with some particular details. You can do it by indulging yourself and playing with overlays! For example, the trend of the moment is to use several necklaces of different lengths and shapes at the same time to give that extra touch to your total look.

Finally, an aspect that is very often underestimated when choosing which necklace to match is its size. The necklaces, in fact, should be combined not only with the clothing of the day but also with our physical shape. And for this reason, it seems necessary to give some advice. If you have a slim body, then choose a long model of necklace, which will give volume and shape; If, on the other hand, you have a petite figure, the solution for you is a choker or a short necklace!


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