You have to say goodbye to those old sweaters that have been asking for a change for years, I think there is nothing better than new sweaters that feel soft, warm, and full of color, with a new fabric and design, that is all we want in a new sweater and for this winter if you want to renew your sweaters these designs are everything you need and much more. Starting with the classic knit sweater that has appeared in our favorite movies since we can remember, it reminds me of Harry meets Sally with that vintage sweater style but the big difference is that this one is completely new and very soft, ideal to wear with loose pants or silk pajamas, whatever you want but add this one to your shopping list asap.

Bright blue colors are a trend and this sweater is perfect to give more sparkle to your winter style. If your idea is to look like a snowflake, this is the best way to do it. Combined with a white silk skirt, this is the outfit. Suitable for dinner at night with family or friends, you will be comfortable and you will look elegant at the same time, you are not sacrificing one or the other.

If Chanel is your favorite designer brand, this sweater is for you, it has the same style but with about 3 zeros less than what a Chanel one would cost, it is chic and elegant, imagine it with leather pants or a leather skirt, silk, any fabric with which you want to combine it, the simpler the better so that the sweater is the center of attention of the outfit, it will keep you warm which is the priority and it is a classic sweater that you will be able to wear on many occasions.

But if what you want is to join the trend of wearing bright colors this winter, this green sweater is one of our favorites. The color is super bright, and cheerful, ideal for these Christmas dates where you need to use a lot of color to make that look. super festive and very happy day.

For fans of pastel colors, this sweater is so delicate and sophisticated that you can wear it every winter day if you wish, it is the favorite color of the year and it is because anyone can create incredible outfits with this color and look like a million dollars, combined with high-waisted pants and mini skirts, you have to add this one to your list.

And to finish, two classics that you have to have because they are the sweaters that save the day when you don’t want to create such an elaborate outfit and these designs are elegant and combine with literally everything you already have on hand from basic jeans. even a super elegant silk or leather skirt, you can wear it at parties, and believe me, everyone will immediately love your look because of how beautiful you will look, these are the best turtlenecks that you should have in your wardrobe.


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