You just got home from work and before entering the house you check the letterbox just to be sure there are no extra bills to pay and… What is this? Oh my God, they’re getting married! What good news! Your friends, after 7 years of living together, have finally decided to take the big step! “But how do I dress?” then it is the thought that immediately comes to your mind.

How to dress for a wedding or a special occasion is the fundamental question that every guest finds herself facing after receiving the invitation to the wedding ceremony. It is certainly not an event to show up with the first thing found in the wardrobe!

Today, however, I will be there to help you, and we will go together to see what aspects to consider in order to find the ideal plus size ceremony dress for a guest at a special event, such as a wedding.

Elegance and Discretion

Discretion, because the protagonists of the event are the spouses: those relatives, friends or colleagues who have invited us to share their beautiful dream together. This means that, when choosing the dress, we must not overdo it with dresses that are too showy, which risk attracting everyone’s eyes to us.

The second element to consider, elegance, goes hand in hand with the first since there cannot be elegance without discretion. Dresses that are too short or low-cut are therefore strongly discouraged, as are obviously jeans and a t-shirt. To be elegant, it is not actually necessary to flaunt jewels or colors. But, on the contrary, sobriety and simplicity are the watchwords to be elegant and feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

Consider the period

The ideal dress, in fact, can change depending on the season and the time of day. In autumn, the weather is very variable and it is therefore advisable to dress in layers even for this kind of occasion. Better not risk it. In addition to this, dresses in slightly darker and more subdued tones are ideal for this season.

In winter, however, ceremonies are rarely held outdoors. So it is an excellent time to show off dresses with more elaborate and heavy fabrics, with dark colors and bright and festive details.

Spring and summer, on the other hand, are the ideal seasons to show off lighter, more colorful and lively dresses.

Time of day and location

If the ceremony takes place on a Sunday afternoon, colorful dresses are perfect. While for an evening reception it is better to opt for darker dresses. The location also plays an important role in choosing the perfect wedding dress. If your friends have organized a reception on the beach, the 12 cm high heel. Although it certainly makes its figure, is not particularly recommended.


Nothing black or white. White is reserved exclusively for the bride, so dresses of this color or shades so light that they can be mistaken for such are to be avoided. The same goes for black, which is traditionally associated with much sadder events. Opting for pastel, soft and delicate colors is always the best choice and if you want to be able to reuse the dress on other elegant occasions, neutral shades such as yellow, green, and blue are the most suitable.


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