Most women are preoccupied with how they look and try to find ways to stay in shape. Others are trying to obtain the famous hourglass silhouette that many celebrities from all around the world promote. After all, to have a toned and good-looking body means that you can wear whatever your heart desires without having to worry!

There are many ways to lose weight or to achieve an hourglass silhouette, but the easiest way is to use shapewear products. Shapewear or body shapers are very popular products with the role in helping women to lose weight faster. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez are big fans of shapewear and use them all the time. This is actually the secret behind their hourglass silhouette for which are so famous!

Rainbow Reflective Latex Waist Trainer Compression Silhouette

You will feel more confident wearing fashionable shapewear

And like other products, even shapewear has to be fashionable and to follow the latest trends. After all, if you use a fashionable waist trainer with a great design you will feel better, more confident and you will do your workout sessions with enthusiasm.

One of the best online stores out there specialized in selling shapewear items that follow the latest trends in fashion is HexinFashion. They have over 4000 products in their wholesale online store and various colours and even prints for every body shaper. I’m sure you will love to wear a waist shaper with a cute floral print instead of a simple black one. You will feel more feminine! At HexinFashion you will be able to find such products and they also have fitness clothing! Plus, their prices are very cheap, as they have their own manufacturing fabric. And another great thing is the fact that they have a size chart with measurements in centimeters or inches for each product and, also, they offer international shipping!

The most popular shapewear items from HexinFashion are the waist trainer and the thigh trainer. And this is because they are the best body shapers a woman can use to achieve an hourglass silhouette. Plus, HexinFashion has such a wide variety and so many fashionable models for them that make you to want them even more!

Affordable Rose Red Sticker Neoprene Pocket Thigh Trainer Anti-Slip

Why is the waist and thigh trainer such a fashionable and popular item?

The waist and thigh trainer is probably the most popular item from HexinFashion. Why? Because by using it you will be able to transform your body entirely and have a beautiful hourglass shape that everyone will admire. Also, you will look more professional if you use it at the gym!

The waist and thigh trainer was designed with the purpose to be used during workout trainings, this way the training would become harder and the results would show faster. This happens because this body shaper is made out of neoprene, a thick yet breathable fabric, which will make your body sweat more and keep your muscles warm the entire time you do your workout. Plus, it will add strong compression to your body making it easier to burn calories and fat. This way you will lose many inches faster from parts of the body which get slimmer harder! You will see the effects instantly: the waist will look smaller, the abdomen will be flatter, the thighs slimmer and also your hips and butt will be smaller and also lifted.

Red High Waist Sticker Thigh Shaper With Zipper Custom Logo

Usually this body shaper is made out of two components: a detachable belt around the waist and two thigh trimmers. The waist band has an adjustable strap, while the thigh trimmers have two or three adjustable straps. Of course, there are two in one waist and thigh trimmers too that have a high waist cincher with three adjustable straps that will slim you down from under the bust and all the way to the thighs. And there are ones only composed of the thigh trimmers, this model being useful for those who only want slimmer legs.

The thigh and waist trainer will help you decrease your waist size and make your legs slimmer, it will also lift your but and all of these will give you a confidence boost that will make you want to exercise even more.

Black Neoprene Adjustable High Waist 2-In-1 Shapewear For Thigh

What exercises can you do while wearing a waist and thigh trainer?

If you don’t have a personal trainer at the gym where you go to or if you like to workout at home, you need to know which exercises are the most effective when you wear a waist and thigh trainer.

Some of the best exercise you can do that have effect on the waist, butt and also the legs are squats and jumping squats. If you do a few sets while wearing this body shaper you will feel how every muscle from your body will work.

For the waist area you can do crunches or scissor legs which will have a small effect on the thighs too.

And for the legs you should do sets of donkey kicks while wearing the waist and thigh trainer.

Smoother 7 Steel Bones Sticker Waist Trainer Close Fit

Use a fashionable waist trainer from HexinFashion if you only want a smaller waistline

If you are one of those lucky women who are born with slim legs, you will probably need only a waist trainer to use during your fitness training. Just like the waist and thigh trainer is made out of neoprene and slims down the waist and flattens the abdomen by adding compression throughout the adjustable straps it has. Also, a super fashionable and cute waist trainer with a rose or leopard print or a neon waist trainer would look amazing on your fitness clothes. And at HexinFashion you will find the best wholesale waist trainers from the market in various colours and sizes. Also, they have vest waist trainers too which are a fantastic choice for women who have back problems or want to lift up their bust. They will improve your posture too, so there are many positive effects when wearing a waist trainer.

You can also wear it at home and will do its job in making your waist smaller. But do not forget that it will be most effective when you workout or even when you are jogging!  

Smooth Abdomen Leopard 7 Steel Boned Latex Waist Trainer Big Size

Very important to keep in mind is to always chose your size correctly and use the size chart from HexinFashion. You do not want to buy small shapewear that will make you feel uncomfortable, you want to be a perfect fit for the best results possible.

Also, know that you can combine your waist and thigh trainer with other body shapers from HexinFashion, like arm trimmers or fashionable fitness clothes!


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