How much do we care about our underwear? Lingerie is a fundamental part of our look, which is why it must be chosen with care and well-kept with order and love. Very often, however, we end up buying underwear and bras on offer, without even looking at them too much. And the underwear drawer turns into a heap of many colored rags, in which nothing is understood.

Few but good items of lingerie, kept in order and worn according to the occasion, in fact, are enough to accompany, support and make women feel at ease under every look. But we realize that, in the increasingly varied world of women’s underwear, identifying them may not be easy. Here are 9 lingerie items from the plus size lingerie wholesale that every woman should have in her wardrobe!

Thigh shaper

Let’s start with one of the items that will allow you to lose weight, a thigh shaper! Ideal to use at any time of your day!

Yellow Butt Lifting Neoprene Thigh Shaper Abdominal Control


It is one of those garments that you need to have on hand before going to sleep, because as soon as you wake up in the morning, it will be the first item you will look for to protect you from the cold. It is very nice to cover your lingerie.

Staple Black Large Size Cardigan Sheer Mesh Tie Ultra Cheap

Nude complete set

Nude-colored bra and briefs must never be missing in the female wardrobe. Why? Because they allow you to wear light-colored suits, transparent shirts, and blouses, white and very tight pants, appearing imperceptible to the eyes of others.

Black bodysuit

Back in fashion a few seasons ago, the black bodysuit is another must-have item of lingerie in the women’s wardrobe. It contains any roundness, gives a beautiful line to the female body, supports the buttocks giving comfort and composure.

Black Large Size Shapewear Bodysuit Front Zipper Smooth Silhouette

Lace briefs

A classic, absolute symbol of sensuality and femininity, is the lace briefs (preferably black, gray or nude) and cannot be missing in every woman’s lingerie. Ideal to wear even on an important occasion, such as “the first time” or “the wedding night”.


It is not one of those lingerie items that are worn every day, but the baby-doll is another must have in the women’s underwear wardrobe, the one that, more than any other underwear, makes a woman feel sexy. And since everyone will have their chance to wear it, the HexinFashion site awaits you with many ideas!

Cheap Rose Red Queen Size Babydoll Lace Adjustable Sling Heartbreaker

High-waisted briefs

At first glance it looks like the classic “big-granny panties”, but in reality, the high-waisted briefs has its own reasons: it makes the buttocks higher, contains the belly and leaves no marks. In short, all things that in this context are very useful!

Admiring Black Triangle Cup Plunge Collar Bralette Lace High Grade

Seamless culottes

The seamless culotte is the ideal underwear for eliminating any type of mark from very tight dresses or skirts. If once the culottes were seen as baby girls’ panties, today, especially those without seams, are increasingly requested by female customers.

Balconette bra

Here is another piece of lingerie that has conquered women: the balconette bra. This model supports and at the same time lifts the breasts, making even women with small breasts look more prosperous.


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