Knitwear is always a good investment for your wardrobe. You can wear your knitted clothes almost anywhere and anytime.  No matter the season, you can look put-together with the right pieces. For 2021, here are the spring knitwear trends you ought to give a try:

1. Knit Bolero and Dress Set

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know what to wear, or a sudden party invites and don’t have a dress appropriate enough for the event? You can easily remove that kind of dilemma by investing in a powder blue knit bolero and dress set that’s versatile enough to pass for casual, semi-formal, and in some cases, formal events. With this kind of dress, all you need to do is put your hair up, and do your make-up!

This dress from Pixie Market is spring-appropriate because of its breathable and comfortable fabric and lovely pastel blue color.

2. Roll Neck Poncho Knitwear

Unlike other types of necklines, the roll neck is probably one of the most unnoticed types of necklines, but it’s very cozy and convenient. Look iconic like a model with a matching knitted roll neck poncho and skirt that you can wear with a great pair of combat boots.

3. Unique Knit Joggers

Drawstring jogger pants with cool prints are always a must-have, whether for casual wear or loungewear. Anthropologie’s knit joggers have drawstrings, cotton and polyester fabrics, and floral design perfect for spring!

4. Macy’s Knit Coat

Instead of choosing thick and inflexible coats and blazers, choose Macy’s knit coat that will make going outside a breeze. Most women don’t like the itchy feeling of wearing tight coats and blazers, so this is an excellent option!

5. Openwork Knit Sweater

Statement tops are always an excellent investment because even if you’re just wearing a basic pair of jeans, you’ll look like you’re ready for the runway. This openwork knit sweater features a unique and vintage design that has knitted lace details. It’s an exquisite work of art that’s very reminiscent of classic and retro women’s clothing. It’s going to be a lovely addition to your wardrobe for any occasion.

6. Knit Crop Top

Though it’s not summer yet, it can be quite warm in some areas during spring. A lot of you are probably enjoying and basking under the heat of the sun already.

A knit crop top with a lace skirt is such a cute pair! Wear leather sandals, and accessorize with a colorful necklace for a spring and summer look. You can wear this outfit during your vacation or at home lounging beside the pool. Crop tops are great for this season because of their adorable yet sexy look.

These knitwear trends will surely upgrade your styling game for spring. Not only will you be comfortable but you`ll also have pieces that you can wear throughout the year! Try these knitted pieces for a change and bring new life to your daily outfits.


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