Even though I have always been a woman with a regular type of body I never had a flat tummy. I resembled my mother and grandmother and I have always had a little bit of excess fat on my abdomen. It never did really bother me, but whenever I wanted to wear tight and sexy dresses or pencil skirts it showed a little bit. This was the moment when I started looking into the shapewear bodysuit for women.

I have found out about shapewear and how it can transform your body from a good friend of mine, who was stunned to find out that I’m not using it to enhance my silhouette. She advises me to look into bodysuits and shaper shorts as I can wear them daily without any issues. And I did and I am so happy now to have followed her advice.

How do I use shapewear to control my tummy?

The first shapewear piece I have bought was a full body shaper because I was curious about how it will transform my figure. And the results were absolutely amazing! I was awed to see that my body looked smaller with two sizes. It never looked so good in my entire life!

The body shaper covered the entire upper part of my body and even my thighs. It also had a medium compression so it wasn’t feeling extremely tight. As for its color, I decided to go with black as I have many dark clothes and they suited them better.

The full body shaper added compression to my waist, tummy, booty and thighs. My waist became smaller with a few inches and my abdomen was for the first time in my life flat! I has also lifted my butt, made my hips smaller and my thighs thinner. It practically transformed my entire body instantly!

How long do I wear my tummy control shapewear?

My biggest concern was that I won’t be able to wear the bodysuit the entire day and also on a daily basis. However I was entirely wrong to have these concerns!

My full bodysuit is super comfortable and so easy to dress on and get off. It is made out highly elastic and breathable fabric and has a soft inner cotton lining which makes it perfect for daily wear. The zipper closure and the elastic and non-compression fabric from the breast area also facilitate the daily wear.

So, yes, I wear my bodysuits every day, because I love how they transform my silhouette and how I feel whenever I am wearing them. Because they make me feel good about myself and my body, which makes me confident and gives me such a great mood, like I am able to conquer the entire world! Plus. I can wear whatever I desire now without thinking that my tummy is not flat!

I am extremely grateful to my friend for sharing her secret tips on how to control your tummy and any area of the body that has a little bit of excess fat. Now I will always have in my wardrobe different shapewear pieces that can go well with any piece of clothing I own!


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