With the global market’s heightened volatility these days, investors seek new and inventive strategies to diversify their portfolios. Some individuals invest in gold, while others put their money into cryptocurrency, and a growing number of others invest in watches. Prices of both antique and hard-to-find current luxury watches have exploded in recent years due to the popularization of the belief that watches are worthwhile investments, and it may be challenging to determine which watches are worth your hard-earned money. This guide comes in our is where we’ll show you the most significant investment watches available right now.

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now: investing in watches is a delicate issue in the watch world. The majority of collectors love watches for their workmanship and history rather than as a means of making money. Prices are rising as more people flip hard-to-find Rolex and Patek Philippe watches for profit or buy up previously-affordable antique watches, making it more difficult for collectors who want to enjoy timepieces to maintain their passion.


In 2020, Omega introduced the Calibre 3861, a brand-new movement, to their flagship Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional. However, some aficionados believe it is too high-tech and has lost touch with the Moonwatch’s space-faring origins by deviating too far from the original Calibre 321 movement.

  • OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 REF. 165.024

Omegas used to be considered a great deal on the old market, and they will still be in a few locations. However, as the current version of the brand has become more expensive in recent years, the vintage market has followed suit, with formerly inexpensive older Omega models fast-growing to come up from their more costly modern equivalents in terms of value.


Everyone who owned a vintage Pepsi GMT celebrated when Rolex released the stainless steel Pepsi-bezel GMT Master II.


In the same way, Omega changed its Speedmaster in 2020, Rolex upgraded its symbol, the Submariner. Hulk prices skyrocketed as soon as word of its demise spread, even though it was replaced by a new 41mm Hulk in Rolex’s collection. The phenomena are likely similar to what we’re witnessing with Speedmaster aficionados, who believe the 40mm Sub’s discontinuance to be the end of an era.


The Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 5711 is perhaps the trendiest watch in the world right now. This pushed the watch’s already-inflated price even higher, but it’s too late to buy in the reference, which is currently selling for 3x retail at well over $100,000. As a result, you need to consider other options.


This, Patek’s other sports watch, is another 5711 option expected to provide a faster return on investment than our prior item. The already difficult-to-find watch currently sells for double its original price on the secondhand market, with no signs of dropping in value anytime soon.


The current Daytona’s popularity, along with recent blockbuster auctions of several unique vintage Daytonas held by the world’s most renowned Daytona aficionado, Paul Newman, has produced a perfect storm that has dramatically increased the value of all Daytona references. It will almost certainly be popular since it was the first, although interest in later allusions — particularly the present version — may fizzle out.


It’s worth noting right away that the current Royal Oak is a highly pricey option. We’ll probably witness a repeat of the 5711 scenarios when this watch quickly sells for six digits. Investing in one of them is a risk, but we warned you that investing in watches was dangerous.


Finally, you’ll want to examine the band closely. If you buy a watch with a leather strap instead of a metal one, you might expect some wear and tear over time. Shaw-Ellis says it’s not a big concern or a significant expenditure, but it’s something to think about. We’ve chosen 8 of our favorite styles above to make choosing one of the finest investment watches even easier.


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