It hasn’t been an easy two years in the fashion world, but rest assured that the fashion trends of 2022 are ready to ignite your sense of style. It’s time to reevaluate your capsule wardrobe and decide which products are essential, which can be put off for next season, and which need to be refreshed now.

  1. Top to toe vibrant hue – The models on the finger color runway wore colorful uppers to announce the 2022 fashion trend. Forget the tan, neutral and basic creams. This season is full of bright colors and not for the faint-hearted.

The Queen has been using color blocking for years and now is the time for all of us to follow suit. Start with bright accessories like shoes or bags and incorporate them into your outfit. As you move forward, you gain confidence and quickly get the full look. All skin tones are complemented by pink fuchsia and Kermit frog green.

  • Details from color –  Models on the piping catwalk showing fashion trends for 2022. This trend has a more bohemian twist with tassels, crochet hooks, and a casual fit. Imagine going on vacation wearing oversized sandals and fringe that blow in the gentle sea breeze. Then the picture is complete.

 All you need is a cocktail to complete the look. The fringe is very comfortable to wear and very flattering. Your style will take your style to a new level by choosing products that drape creatively in areas you’re a little shy about. We expect consumers to have a steady desire for what they touch and feel in fashion as technology takes over our daily lives. Tactile surfaces have become important, providing consumers with new ways to interact with products.  

  • Glitter & sequins – They can sparkle at any time of year, so take inspiration from Chanel and Valentino to add a casual glow to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a glamorous dress or an elegant deuce, spring sequins will undoubtedly blow away your winter cravings. But the twinkle of spring is not at all like Christmas.

If you are wearing a statement piece, do not overdo it with decorations or prints. Let the clothes speak for themselves.

  • Maxi vs Mini-  Good old midi skirts have been at the top for years, but they’ve been overthrown this season. As I said in the opening, fashion trends are constantly changing. This year, you will have to choose between Team Mini and Team Maxi.

I understand that exposing your legs isn’t very appealing, but you can wear stockings and knee-high boots until the weather warms up.  If you’re more interested in a maxi girl, I think the snorkel ends just above the ankle, rather than the Aline hippie design we saw in previous seasons. Consider tight-fitting pull styles instead of bulky fabrics. If this sounds restrictive, keep in mind that small gaps allow more movement.  

  • Stripes –  Read between the lines this season and enjoy the bright, crisp stripes. There were no stripes on the bus. Striped jumpers were a winter favorite and are still in fashion in 2022. Vertical stripes make your body slimmer and slimmer.

Try them on for spring in pastel colors and the basic Breton tee will be my favorite tee all year round. If you choose plain stripes, add color to your accessories to express your personality.

After a series of challenging virtual shows during the pandemic, Fashion is finally back on the runway in September 2021 with most of the styles you’ll see in stores.


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