I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that a woman’s hands are her label, as they are the first thing people notice when they meet her. It is critical to keep oneself educated, especially when it comes to current nail trends, in order to preserve great nail cleanliness while also remaining on-trend.

Isn’t it true that we all enjoy lingering at the salon while getting our nails done? All we have to do now is apply nail polish in the appropriate style and color, and our lovely nails will be complete.

With Very Peri as the color of the year in 2022, I’m sure we’ll see nail artists experimenting with purple tints and tones more than ever before.

Shades of Blue 

2021 was all about green, from chartreuse to Bottega green, but don’t be shocked if you start seeing more and more hues of blue all over the place. Four of the ten outstanding hues on Pantone’s selection for NYFW spring/summer 2022 were shades of blue, just saying. This deep ocean blue nail polish appears to be ideal for the early winter months of 2022, while lighter, brighter variants are expected in the spring and summer.

Strips of Sparkle Nail Polish

This trend is for people who believe a mani isn’t complete without decorations. To make your mani feel more current while yet being true to your taste, combine your love of glitter with fashionable graphic lines. And, hey, both crystal-covered nails and minimalist nail art were major catwalk trends for spring 2022, so combine the two with a mani like this. To complete the look, start with a thin line of black nail paint and then trace over it with glitter nail polish.

Metallic Manicures

These days, silver and gold are used for more than simply jewelry and finger rings. You may have also seen a lot of manis with metal accents. Metallic manis are definitely having a moment, whether it’s as basic as a strip of silver down your cuticle or as flamboyant as chain decorations. There’s no need to avoid this style when there are so many methods to achieve it (for example, using chrome nail polish, foil flakes, transfer foils, or metal decorations).

Mismatched Mani designs

Is there a hot trend right now that will be just as popular in 2022? Mismatched nails with each nail having a distinct color, design, or pattern. The look never gets old because of the countless variations and combinations, which is why you’ll see this flexible design for many seasons to come. This is the mani for you if you can’t decide on nail color, have entirely too many ideas, and think one accent nail is never enough.

All the Many French Manis

French manis, in a nutshell. Make French manicures of all kinds a go-to for 2022, whether you make them hefty, super-thin, classic, abstract, or whatever in between. French tips of various shapes, thicknesses, and colors will be everywhere by 2022, so popular that they’ll be mixed in with other fads on this list.


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