If you are adept at shopping online, you must have already been in doubt when choosing bras. After all, how can you be sure that that piece you’ve been dating for a long time will look really good on your body? Know that you can choose the right bra, see? And we’ll tell you everything!

With a few tricks, attention to the characteristics of the garment, and, of course, self-knowledge, you can guarantee the right bra for your needs and desires. By the way, it will look even more beautiful with it! So, come see the content we prepared for you!

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1. Discover your measurements

For you to have a timeless bra, the most important thing is to know your measurements! After all, without them, there’s no way to know which size will have the best fit, right?

If you don’t know by heart, that’s fine! Just get a tape measure. In the case of the bra, you will need to measure your bust and torso size. For this, pass the tape around your body, at the height of the breasts (right in the part where there is more volume). When you find the end of the tape, you find your measurement.

To take the measurements of the torso, also called the sub-bust, just pass the measuring tape around the region below the breasts, passing through the back. When you find the front end, make a note of how many inches it is. And go shopping, know that you can find the best comfortable bra.

AirWear Wireless Best Comfortable Bra

2. Choose the model that will make you more comfortable

If you’re thinking “which comfortable underwear for women”, here’s some friendly advice: all underwear looks great on any body type. The ideal model is the one that will make you more comfortable and confident for different occasions.

So, how to choose the right bra? What matters is knowing the features and advantages of each model to know which one suits you best. The half-cup and push-up are two great alternatives to enhance the bust. The first leaves the upper part of the breasts more exposed, while the second gives even more volume. We love it!

The top bar is very practical because it doesn’t have a zip at the back, ensuring a lot of comfort as well. It is often joined by a round collar, which is characterized by a “U” neckline.

If you like elongated bras, the model above is a good suggestion. It outlines the silhouette well and shapes the breasts.

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3. Choose pieces made in fabrics with a soft touch and without sewing

The next step on how to choose the right bra that will give your look personality is to choose comfortable pieces. The idea is to pay attention to the fabric used in the making of each bra and the benefits they bring.

For example, seamless pieces are a very good alternative for you to introduce to your wardrobe because, in addition to being comfortable, they are beautiful and full of personalities.

Okay, but what is the advantage of use? It is soft and very breathable. That is, it takes moisture from the inside out and has quick drying. Comfort is guaranteed.

I conclude that when buying a bra, keep in mind what you like most about the lingerie you have and what is your priority: is the comfort provided by the fabric? The security I have to use? Do you feel better wearing pieces with cups or without? Is the removable cup an option? Do you prefer thin or wide straps? All of this should be taken into account if you are unsure how to choose the right bra.


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