Having several styles of coats for this winter is not only essential, it is necessary to be able to achieve incredible looks that are classic but that look super good, these coats that we are going to show you are the most used styles of the season that you will see in everyone. sides but used in different ways to achieve well-stylized and elegant outfits, by choosing two or three of these you can create different clothing combinations every day without effort.

One of the most comfortable materials that keeps you very warm in the winter is wool. This cream-beige design is ideal for monochromatic outfits or brighter colors like white and other pastel colors. The style is a straight cut that does not It is necessarily very oversized which is ideal for giving more shape to the figure when you can’t easily notice it.

If you want something more oversized, this coat in a gray-brown tone that can be used in two ways, with fire tones such as brown, burgundy or you can use it with colder tones such as navy or black, versatility is the most important thing when it comes to pouring and this color is one of the most versatile that exists so take advantage of it that this coat deserves because it is a must-have that you will be able to use for years.

Leather is one of the materials that best goes with winter, it is chic, it is elegant, this style it’s so much stronger and not as subtle as wool or other materials, you can soften this coat with softer materials like cotton or knit and have different looks that are appropriate for all kinds of events you want to attend, but the most important thing is that it is durable and goes beyond any trend that exists in recent years.

You can choose something much more sober, the black color is ideal for cold times with a simpler design but that fulfills its purpose and is perfect for you to look stylish without having to wear an outfit that causes so much impact, this coat is the one that should having every woman in your wardrobe if you don’t have the others it doesn’t matter, this one can help you create hundreds of incredible looks.

In cream color, you have so many styles to choose from but this one is without a doubt our favorite, it is elegant, it has an old money design, perfect with white pants or a matching dress to create a monochrome look that looks simple but is ideal for parties and important events.

These two coats, although they look the same, have brown undertones and a design with different buttons and stitching that will complete your look to make it more chic and you will look like a fashionista without much effort.

And if you want a wrap-it style that shows the curves of your figure, these two below have that style, with a touch of faux fur for more relief and to give you more style, in the main colors black and beige, we recommend the prints for those classic outfits like jeans with white knit sweaters.


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