Hair is one of our most important accessories, it is one of the first things that people see and that we see in the mirror every day when we get ready to go out, dull hair, with split ends and without any styling we will not be happy. It helps us look better or gives us that energy and that desire to go out and enjoy the day, hair is super important to complete your look and give more shine to your personality, if we have learned something this 2023 it is that there are incredible products that can give you all that and here we are going to show them to you.

Drunk Elephant has one of the softest and lightest mixtures on this list, this mask has a silky effect, and it has the same effect as a deep conditioning treatment, you can use it as a quick relief before going out so that your hair looks much more alive and healthy than before.

The ultimate reset by Shu Uemura is the favorite mask of stylists for the most damaged hair, it is the most extreme repairer with rice extract in its formula that helps hair recovery, you can use it before washing your hair half an hour before to recover the fibers of your hair, you can do it weekly or monthly depending on how much your hair needs to look incredible again.

If you have curly hair and want to have more definition, its watery, gel-like consistency adds softness without weighing hair down, you can use it to detangle and shape your curls, it has a subtle floral fragrance and you will notice that the frizz of Your hair will no longer be as present as before.

Nounou by Davines, although it contains silicones and is not an option for daily use, you can use it at times when you feel that your hair looks very thin and lacks volume. It is a solution for those people who do not have a problem with certain chemicals in their hair products. hair, I would use it in important moments when I need my hair to have the necessary support for it to last throughout the day.

If you have Fine Hair, the Sachajuan Hair Repair mask gives you that deep hydration that adds more texture and makes your hair have much more volume, more shine, look thicker, and hold any hairstyle you do, it helps with frizz and rebellious hair that does not stay styled with any other product and even more so during these days of cold weather where hair tends to lose its shine.

Any of these masks that you choose is a good option to invest in your hair and give it a love that you don’t give it every day, these products have specific days to use either every 2 or 3 days, depending on the care you give to your hair. hair, each one has different purposes but they all have something in common, they help you improve your hair problems from the roots instantly.


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