Have you ever heard that clothes can affect your mood? It has been proven in fashion psychology that you can increase dopamine, which is known as the “feel-good” hormone, through the clothes you wear. The dopamine dressing trend itself is interpreted as the art of creating happiness, and enthusiasm and improving mood through clothing style. The trend has been very popular for the past few years.

This fall, the dopamine dressing trend is still a mainstay of many people’s fashion choices. The style has no binding formula. However, it is more about an individual’s personal approach, about what makes you happy when dressing up. For instance, the design, materials, texture, comfort, fit, pattern, and color. Therefore, each person is different in choosing clothes that can boost their mood.

Dopamine dressing encourages freedom and creativity in expressing your authentic self. Even better, it will instantly increase your comfort and confidence. It’s no surprise that everyone is still obsessed with dopamine dressing this fall.

You too can be one of the next ones. Here are 5 reasons why you should join in on the dopamine-dressing trend this fall!

Pop And Vibrant Colors To Lift Your Mood

Dopamine dressing is often associated with vibrant and bold colors. Of course, who wouldn’t get excited about wearing pop colors?

Neutral shades tend to be commonly preferred. Colors such as black, white or gray are considered safer to wear and easy to combine. However, colors actually have more power to influence a person’s emotions and mood. It can change our visuals instantly, too. Hence, adding a pop of color to your outfit can enhance your mood and make you look attractive at the same time.

For this fall, dare yourself to try some of the bright colors that are currently popular, such as canary yellow, light blue, viva magenta, red, or orange shades. That unfamiliar feeling when you step out of your comfort zone in clothes can boost your mood and help you see things from a new perspective!

The Best Styles Of All Time

To boost dopamine via dressing, it’s not just about the color of your clothes. You need to think about styling as well. However, dopamine dressing has the best styles that are always favorites of all time. One of the most popular fashion items that you can rely on when creating dopamine dressing is a plain white shirt. It’s really basic and simple, but never out of date. The right styling and combination will create an elegant yet comfy look.

Talking about items that are always favorites of all time, we definitely shouldn’t leave out the trench coat. It is an outfit complement that will never fail to add a classy feel to your overall look, especially this fall. Other popular items are collared blouses, statement dresses, blazers, and more.

Increase Self-Confidence And Self-Love

In dopamine dressing, the media we use to increase good feelings is clothing. Memorable experiences or a desire to try new things can influence how you mix and match your outfits. When you dress in the most comfortable way, it makes you look and feel better. Feeling comfortable with your appearance can boost your self-confidence and self-love. However, it will affect your motivation and productivity throughout the day.

Can Be Your Signature Style

One of the keys to the dopamine dressing trend is adding your favorite accessories. Whether it’s cool glasses, a unique belt, a watch, or a flattering handbag, it can instantly elevate your look. Don’t hesitate to wear adorable jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or earrings, if you like it. Accessories are only complementary, but they can create a statement in your fashion and take it to the next level. Better yet, wearing it with your favorite outfits will boost your good feelings and mood. It will help you express your authentic self and become a signature style that sets you apart from others. Just be yourself!

Comfy Yet Chic To Wear

If you are interested in adopting dopamine dressing, then keep in mind that the main key is to wear the clothes that you like the most and make you most comfortable. The point is to stay focused on yourself through what you wear.

Although according to color psychology, choosing pop colors can boost your mood, but it won’t work if you actually don’t like the color of the clothes you are wearing. Perhaps worse, wearing colors you don’t like can ruin your mood and reduce your self-confidence. That’s why dopamine dressing isn’t just about pop colors, but more about pieces that make you comfortable yet chic to wear.

Apart from color, you can play with texture and pattern too. For this fall, for example, pair a wool sweater or jacket with wide-leg pants. This combination not only looks and feels comfy, but is also trendy and fashionable to wear. The warm and cozy style is, indeed, always perfect for the fall season!


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