Make myself a corset

Before you can start from the tights project, make sure you have all the materials. This article is intended to produce corset through simple material provided in your own house. Pipeline tape, a pair of scissors effectively cut the fabric, an old T-shirt that can be cut, a permanent mark, a lining cloth, etc. This is what you need for this item. You will need this project assistant, so make sure you have a very nice friend to help you.

The production of corset involves two basic steps to make the corset of the corset and the corset lining. Once, you have a pattern in the hand, which is very easy to sew the lining of the fabric.

First, do not wear a bra for an old T-shirt. Bra inside looks not look good. The purpose of the T-shirt is to protect your skin from tape.
Next, please your friend along the contours, around the shape of your parcel, corset. In the wrapped tape at the same time, covering the neck, shoulder strap and other contours.
Once you have defined all the contours and the rough shape of the corset is ready, it is time to fill the space now.
The tape is evenly wrapped within the specified profile. Make sure your friends do not have too many overlapping tapes. The thickness of the tape should be uniform in all places and should be as hard as the shell.
Then, decide on the design of your corset and repair the shoulder strap, shoelaces and so on.
Mark these locations with permanent markers.
Now let your friends cut the T-shirt along the design and outline. This will make you rude, because the T-shirt is cut off after cutting (that’s why it’s important to get a “really good” friend!).
Once you have cut all the pieces, you need to cut off the extra t-shirt from the corset.

a program of dress

I have seen a variety show, the content is about a lot of players gathered here to participate in the game, the rules of the game is the use of different waste materials or other materials to create beautiful clothes, the final outcome of the game is that ten judges to watch and then vote, these judges are professional, who are in the clothing circle or the fashion industry to occupy their own seats, there are a supermodel, as well as well-known fashion designer,They are selected outstanding players  unanimously who are must be in good performance, or the design of the clothes is very successful in the whole product,  there are a champion each period, in order to obtain prizes and bonuses, The amount of the bonus  is huge, the funds is enough to maintain the creation of works for the player.

what impressed me most is that one of the creative designers in the program, he used curtains and lamps together to design a nice dress, most of the material is made of curtains in the dress, With a small light bulb in the composition of skirt, with the pace of walking to show the light bulb, this design has won the audience all the appreciation and recognition, and even the rest of the opponents have sent the applause of him, No doubtful, he won the championship on the spot, and received a $ 100,000 as funds for creative, this money is the greatest recognition for her, because he did not have any extra money to create before, so he used curtains and lamps obsoletely, but then he will have more money to continue to create, this is a happy thing.

Since reading this program, I am very interested in the creation of clothes, because it can be part of the life into the clothes inside, you can play with the imagination and improve the creative, you can imagine that in the future if We are wearing our own clothes to walk in the street or the road every day which is an exciting thing, because it is our own labor of fruit, and you do not have to worry about the clothes that alike others, and if you like to create your own clothes just as me, do not worry, from now, you can join us so that we can discuss together!

the difference of mirror

I do not know if you have such a bad feeling: when you in the mall to buy clothes, in the dressing room you are looking so good obviously! Each piece of you is very thin and the color of skin is so white,  the length of legs looks in 1 m 2! but you know when you at home and then you will look at …… when you return the thoughts , ah …… this is really not your mistake which is in a consumption of impulse ……

Part of the reason is the dressing room in a mall whose layout of lights and mirrors, everything is another mystery, recently, one of my best friend, who wearing the same clothes tirelessly and then go to the major brands of stores, and then take a picture in their dressing room.

finally, she will back to their own home, have the same post and then take a picture with the same clothes, the difference in the natural light and the lights in the store you will find in the photos. the contrast between them, you will understand if I don’t say anything about it, so you have got the point? Why you looked very nice to see the fashion clothes in the dressing room, and then go home to wear a fleeting … …

The trust between the people for the dressing room has disappeared, the feeling of my friend, which is so sad and disappointed, the mirror is a special in the dressing room, and is not the same when you at home, the location and color of light will be affected, with the small space of dressing room relatively, the effect is better surely.

So, What your idea of the dressing mirror change the looks?

Buy a dress for mom

I remember a report before shown on the line, the contents of which is generally said that in an accident, many people unfortunately die, but there is a mother, who was very lucky, she is the only survivor of that accident, on the interview with  media , she said It is because she was wearing the clothes bought by her daughter on that day, so in the , that she was found by her daughter in the process of searching and rescuing, and finally she was survived luckily, if he is not wearing the clothes that day, then her may not be so lucky, after reading the report,the mood of me can not calm down for a long time, first of all,I was so sorry for the victims of the accident, and then congratulations to the mother who was reborn, The last, I am into a deep self-blame, because it seems that we had never bought the clothes for our mother, they always buy clothes for me when we as a child, It is the time for us that we should buy a beautiful  dress for mother, Today the topic we will discuss together. and to discuss what type of dress should we buy.

The season of summer is coming soon, and the weather has become hotter, this time we can consider buying a beautiful dress for mom, so be sure to choose a good which is of a high quality. In the choice of style, we can pick a  dress in chiffon, which both beautiful and comfortable, and also very suitable for mom, even have a effect on providing self-cultivation, which can make their body better shown, so do not hesitate to do it , and buy a suitable dress for our mom , besides, if you have any other better options, you can ask me!

model of the manufacturer in production

Do you know the general pattern of underwear? and how the manufacturer produced and operated in the factory? Today here we will discuss it together. Most of the manufacturers are the same model about producing, which are in line with the principle of the sake of customers in the production before they are designed by the designer, of course, this is based on the design for most of the female have a preferences of it, there are many different types of Style, such as lace and pattern, so today we will discuss together.

if you are girls, what kind of style do you like, if you are boys, wear ,what kind of underwear you want your girlfriend or wife wear, the topic of today, we can all be discussed, we are welcome your positive speech and discussion, of course, when you ask questions, we will be very seriously, and we will talk about the most popular style ultimately, so today Our topic is what is the necessary contact between the production model of manufacturer and the style  we like for the underwear?

History for the corsets

There is a long history for the corsets, about several centuries, Women, as well as some little girls, have used it to change their bodies.that is because they want to show they sexy body,this is a very important point for us,you know,The corset first became popular is in sixteenth-century,which happened in Europe,The earliest picture of a possible corset was made about 200 years ago.of course,  While the corset has generally been worn as an undergarment, it has sometimes been used as an outer-garment; corsets as outer garments can be observed in the nationwide dress of many Western countries.The picture is of a  woman, and the content of clothing portrayed might be recognized as a corset; however, it is worn as an outer garment.


   By the center of the 16th century, corsets were a normally worn clothing between European as well as British females. The garments progressively began to assimilate the use of a “buck,” a long, flat piece of whalebone or wood sewn into a covering on the corset in order to sustain its stiff form. The front of the corset was typically covered by  a stiff, V-shaped framework that was worn on the stomach for attractive reasons.


   ok.since you have to get the history of the corsets, why don’t you choose suitable corsets for yourself?there are a lot of types in costumes, as a woman, we should choose a best.If you have the same idea as me, or agree with my point of view, then we may have a common topic, so, now, I Will tell you a good news, I like Underbust Corset and also like to buy it online, not only cheap but also beautiful.Find the right Underbust Corset for your best styles, such as lace, cheap under bust corset and Sexy Corset Underbust. Show off in this boldest pattern of asymmetric or high-low hemline and brandish your lively character. With these beauties, you’ll have the most popular appearance of the summer!

so, join me, and let’s become a best friend.So that we can dress up every day with self-confident and beautiful fashion style!

black body stocking,you will love it deeply

There is a question that what season is suitable for wearing stockings,and now I can tell you,just now,you can have a try, Most people will choose black to wear,because they think it is a sybol of sexy,black is the most sexy color of all, in addition,it is also a wild color,so there are a lot of choice for you,you can wear a beautiful skirt to match it,Or with a lace skirt, which is very charming,at this time if you are wearing a pair of beautiful high heels,no one can block your own distribution of charm.the different collocation will have a different effect,when you go out shopping, you can match with more conservative styles,this will show you steady temperament,if you are at home, you can choose a more sexy style, of course you get rid of fatigue after a whole day,take off the heavy clothes from the tired of the body,then to enjoy the release of sexy, this time, you will deeply love it.



Of course, some people may say that if you do not want to choose black, there are many other colors to for you to choose from, fishnet body stocking is also a good choice for you, because it is very flexible in design, both them retain the traditional Stockings of the rustic, but also added a lot of sexy elements in it, and the design is not immutable anymore, It will be add and modify based on the most popular elements , until it finally become the most favorite style for fishnet body stocking. So you do not worry about the problem in design, what you should do is just choose one you like very much, and enjoy it.

As a woman, there is a lot of sexy you need to show, and this is your best choice, maybe  it doesn’t like what shown in film the most sexy when we wear it, but this is our own characteristics, it is more  charming than the imitation with ignorant, so,what do you still hesitate with ? Hurry up to choose one  for yourself!

Let’s have a Fashion Plus Size Dress in our wardrobe

It seems that summer is coming soon,It is time to show our sexy body, that because we can put on our favorite dress skirt,go shopping,to attend a party with friends, or some other outdoor activities, no matter where you are, you are always the center focus of the audience.most of girls are in a happy mood,at the same time,there are also a large amount girls began to worry about their Terrible body,they are not satisfied with their body,they always think they are much fat than others,so not suitable for them to wearing dress skirts,they are too humble to show their own body, but now,there is no need to worrying about too much,because here we provide the Fashion Plus Size Dress for you,suddenly,the life will be better.
Fashion Plus Size Dress,not only suitable for woman with a bit meaty,but also looks very beautiful in design,it was designed retains the traditional dress skirt,and style will be more diversified than the original’s,the material is very comfortable,It won’t let you to worry about the problem of sweating the whole day,these factors in the design  will be considered by the designer,in addition, it can make you look more sexy  naturally, rather than the feeling of bulky.
Do your heart is in the speed of beating?The design is benefit of the little fat girl ,who said that we can not show our body in the summer,if you have a Fashion Plus Size Dress in the wardrobe, you do not have to worry about these problems, let us  bloom ourselves in this season,just enjoy it!

Buy a guide to the Costumes

A party is a place in your social life when you wear formal dresses and Costumes. Needless to say, there is a lot of speculation and anticipation this evening. While the guy is busy arranging to rent a limousine, the girl begins to hunt the perfect dance dress. Corset is usually the most sought after, due to the style of  Wholesale Sexy Corset, class and charm.

Corset dresses on top, free flowing at the bottom. They are the body hugs until the waist, from there to the free flow pattern. The design and pattern are infinite, but the pleats and layers are the most preferred style.

Corset Dresses are mostly strapless or with a fine pasta. However, if you are too concerned about your modesty, you can go to the short sleeve corset dress. You may not be easy to find such a dress, but you can try it. You can find a Wholesale Costumes store. You may have to wear a Gothic style coat with sleeves. They can be short or full length of evening dress. Short dress looks great petite girl and makes an innocent and young look. For a more mature appearance, to the full length of the official dress.

Where to find them. If you are not limited to budget, then you can have a lot of options. The bride shop is a place where you can try your luck. However, expensive people can be a problem for those who are thriving on limited pocket money. Same as shopping malls and designer shops. The internet is the best medium to buy the Sexy mermaid costume. In addition, you can also look at a variety of clothes, you buy one. Wines and large ball dresses are easy to find on the internet. Several auction sites regularly list the clothes they are directly from the designer. So you get their retail price, which means that if you buy them from the mall you save at least 20%. Some designer stores also have online discount stores, they sell the selected corset at an inexpensive price. However, you may not always find the right design, color or pattern. Your own design is a great way to make a unique party dress, but make sure you have the necessary number of talents and skills.

Corset dresses can definitely make you look like a princess at your ball night. Because they are tightly around the waist, they naturally highlight the curve, so that all body type girls can wear these clothes without worrying about it looks strange.

How in the Oline Do I Choose the Right Corset?

As more and more online stores appear, how to choose the right corset? So ask yourself these questions.
1. Choose whether you want to wear or wear your own dress
As an external costume, the bras are usually worn under the clothes. There are some Cheap Plus Size Corset on the market, and they do not use ribbons to tighten their corsets, but rather they use zippers in the belt or in some more fancy corsets we have seen them using combo buttons.

2. Carefully select the pattern on the corset
One of the biggest mistakes people make when they wear a corset dress is that they forget that the pattern will affect the way the corset coat is tight. I have seen some fantastic corset wedding dresses, but when the clothes are in the corset clothes look twisted, even if the firm tie.

3. Select the correct corset color
If you buy a tight corset under the clothing, make sure the color of the corset is the same as the costume. If there is a sharp contrast between the color of your corset and the cover of the garment, it can affect the impression of the person you are giving to you.

4. Choose the correct material for the corset
Getting the right material in choosing corset is very important. For example, there are many corsets that use PVC. This style of material may have a tendency, especially in a warm climate that may make the corset wearing a very uncomfortable. In a colder climate you can consider a slightly heavier style corset to make sure you keep warm.

Corset is a wonderful pleasure when wearing right, they can really stand out. These four questions should be considered when buying the next corset.

There are Wholesale Sexy Corset online shop selling a series of corsets, including all important corsets, white corsets, black corsets, bridal corsets, leather corsets and so on.