The fashion world is fickle, trends come and go just like weather but we are in the midst of a revival of the humble corset. Back in the 1800’s the corset was the mainstay of fashion. Its role was to ensure that outer garments worn were well styled and the curves shown in the right place.

In the 21st century the humble corset’s role has changed a little, whilst it is still the most important fashion item for styling body curves and giving support, its role as an undergarment is being challenged as designers develop the corset to be warn on its own and this does provide a few challenges as to which corset is right for you.

If we look at the 1800’s corset, the user put the corset on and then using a number of ribbon ties the corset was tightened to wrap around the body. Tightening of key ribbons on the corset allowed the corset to sculpt the body. The key reason that ribbon ties were used was that the ribbon would lay flat against the outer attire.

Things have certainly changed and this is why it is much more difficult to choose the right corset. There are now two styles of corset, one that is designed for wearing under a garment and another that can be worn either on top of the garment or on its own.

This brings us to the question, how do I choose the right corset? Well ask yourself these questions.

1. Choose whether you are going to wear it on its own or under a gown

Corsets worn as an external garment are usually fancier than ones worn under clothes. There are a number of external corsets on the market that actually do not use ribbons to tighten the corset, instead they use zips with inner straps or in some of the more fancy corsets, we have seen them use a combination of buttons and straps.

2. Choose carefully the style of pattern on the plus size corset

One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying corsets to wear under clothes is that they forget that patterns affect the way the clothes on the top of the corset will sit. I have seen some fantastic corsets for wedding dresses however, when the dress is over the corset the dress looks distorted even when firmly tied.



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