Corsets either conjure Victorian-period glamour or bizarre feminine kitsch. Either way, this type of undergarment originating from the old world gets a new world pizzazz with a large following of femme fatales proudly wearing their piece for the outside world to witness or ogle at.

This form-fitting clothing fare, after all, isn’t only worn very snug against a woman’s torso and/or chest; the imposing vertical seams provide the form-fitted look and structure genuine corsets are known for. In the 17th century corsets were worn to enhance the hour-glass figure of women in polite society who had to adhere to strict dressing etiquette yet were willing to push the fashion envelope further in their favor. Women’s corsets have indeed gone a long way since their inception and women today take corset wearing to an entirely new level. Here are the three main reasons why women’s corsets are an all-time favorite. The benefit of having the wedding season stretching throughout the year is that there are more opportunities for booking your preferred wedding location – and it also means that the range of wedding wear has been widened through necessity. The result is that the bride and groom have more choice than ever before!

Corsets are designed to taper a woman’s waist so that she can achieve the much-coveted cola body: ample upstairs, cinch on the midsection but shapely around the hips. Needless to say, corsets are not for the faint of heart-literally. In the olden days, society’s debutantes had to have a lady-in-waiting help them fit into one. This is the explanation behind the concept of the ‘fainting couch,’ since these ambitious ladies had to walk around in a corset aside from all other heavy women’s apparel (such as a bouffant skirt and crinoline underneath) they were clad in those days. Today corsets are not unwieldy items and women don’t necessarily need to suffer (or faint) donning a corset that they fancy. Strutting in one on occasion can be fun and make any man weak in his knees.

Women’s corsets are made to be custom-fitted and different kinds of corsets can be flattering to women of all shapes and sizes. Women who need an extra lift with their puppies can benefit from the maximizing effect of an over-bust corset while achieving the slimming effect of a girdle at the same time. Under-bust corsets leave out bra cups and are perfect for women who are already well-endowed in the chest area. Big beautiful women will look seductive yet stay comfortable wearing a leather corset that can give them some leeway to breathe. The most beautifully-designed and handcrafted corsets, in addition, may look deceptively simple: but these laced-up beauties are fastened using eye and hooks and the vertical boning will ensure that the right support is given to the adventurous woman. Burlesque corsets are the choice for women who want to give a private performance behind the bedroom doors-but ladies beware. This hot piece of commodity might just give a man a coronary.



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