The steel gives perfect support to the waist giving you not only a perfect figure, but also perfect support. The good side with these corset skirts sets is that they can be worn in almost any occasion.

For example, you can wear them as outwear, evening wear or even as undergarments. To increase the comfort, you can loosen or tighten the strings at the back of the cloth.

Plastic boned corsets on the other hand are ideal for women who would like to replace their sexy lingerie with a corset. These pieces of clothing are most preferred by women who feel uncomfortable in steel boned corsets.

Plastic boned corsets are not only light, but they also rarely alter the shape of your waist; therefore, your waist retains its original shape.

In addition to in-built boning material, fashion corsets also tend to have a variety of other features added onto them. Some of the common additions are laces. The laces can be added at the front, back, or on the sides of the cloth.

The main purpose of laces is to enhance the appeal of the clothes. The laces also add some mystery on your cloth. Bridal corsets are one of the common corsets that are usually laced.

Although, most corsets are ready made and you can easily get them off the rack in your local stores, if you want to create a unique look you can have these pieces of clothes custom made for you. Here you need to find a specialist custom maker and ask him/her to custom make the cloth for you.


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