Are you looking for a great gift ideas for your girlfriend? It can be so hard can’t it? My husband hates choosing presents for me because he is never sure whether he will get it right (as it happens he is actually very good). But because women are so much more difficult to buy for than men I will give you a bit of insider advice and tell you what your girlfriend would really like.

Now I know that a lot of men shy away from buying lingerie for their girlfriends, not least because it can be so embarrassing going into a lingerie shop or wandering round in the lingerie department of a department store.

Well that doesn’t need to be a problem any longer. You can get lingerie online very easily nowadays and that takes all the embarrassment out of the situation and just leaves you with the problem of what to choose.

The other problem some men have with buying lingerie for their girlfriend is worrying about whether it is something they will really like, or whether it could be a bit awkward because of the connotations. Well I suppose you are the only one who will really know how you think your girlfriend might react.

But this also need not be a problem, because the corset is now viewed as a dual purpose garment that can be worn either as underwear or as an outer garment (top). This has become very fashionable recently and so as long as you don’t buy anything too overtly sexy, your girlfriend can decide when and in what circumstances she wants to wear it.

You will earn even more brownie points if you identify an item of clothing that your girlfriend already has in her wardrobe and suggest that she might team it up with the corset you buy her. This is two- fold. Firstly you will get kudos just because you know what is in her wardrobe, which means that you have ‘taken notice’ and secondly your girlfriend will pleased to know that you are in touch with your feminine side. It might not work for you but believe me; we girls love a man who is in touch with his feminine side!



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