In this day and age it has been discovered that the wearing of corsets has been gaining in a popularity that rivals and even surpasses what it was in the Victorian Era. It has been said that a major reason for this rise in positive sentiment is the fact that they are available in many different fabrics, including satin, velvet, brocade, leather, and Chinese silk. One of the most sought after pieces of sexy lingerie of all at this time seems to be black leather corsets.

One may ask though what is really is a corset? It is a foundational garment that is used in the shaping and molding of the torso that is pleasing to its wearer. This item of apparel does this through the use of panels that are rigid, boning, and lacing that is tight. The shape that is most desired is what can be described as an hourglass. This silhouette shows an emphasis on the bust-line and the hips while suppressing the waistline.

The current day’s corsets are often considered to be a somewhat pale copy of those in times past. Most copy the look, the lacing and the boning, while eliminating most of the functionality. Many prefer it this way as they wish to experience a much more sensual feel than before.

As a result of this particular shift in fashion, the modern garment in its most popular form truly has very little to do with the shaping of the human body. One exception to this rule are those corsets that are made as a compromise incorporating greater functionality with the look and feel that everyone seems to desire.

Some people have gone so far as to give this kind of clothing as gifts to themselves and others. A woman can wear one of them underneath their casual or work clothes without anyone else being aware that she is doing so. Thus she can feel just a little bit naughty in the secret places of the mind, or it is heart? Another option that is available is a corset that is made with a lot of lace to appeal to one’s feminine side which only goes to prove that there is one out there to suit almost anyone’s need.



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