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A bill will allow insurers to bypass Obama’s medical protection for consumers to sell cheaper plans, through the Iowa Senate on Wednesday, and is expected to be signed by the Governor of Texas State University, Kim Reynolds.

The bill will allow Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield to work with the Iowa Department of Agriculture to sell a new type of health insurance that proponents believe is a cheaper option for someone who cannot afford the high cost of ACA. It also allows small corset skirts sets businesses to unite to buy health insurance for employees. These plans are not considered health insurance and cannot be regulated like health insurance.

The bill was approved by 37-11 and was voted by both members, but some Democrats said that the coverage is not enough – the plan can not guarantee maternity care coverage or mental health and drug abuse treatment.

Iowa Public Radio said, “This is not insurance,” said Senate Democratic leader Janet Peterson. “Iowa hopes to provide them with the insurance they may need, which is good for health, but it is not regulated by the corset skirts sets insurance commissioner.”

Iowa insurance specialists support the plan.

“The plan proposed by the Bureau of Agriculture can provide relief and meet the needs of members of the Bureau of Agriculture who are forced to handle amazingly high premiums,” a spokesman for Doug Ommen said in a statement last month. “The Bureau of Agriculture has been providing its members with various benefits to support the agricultural industry in Iowa for 100 years, and we are very grateful that it helped when the ACA left them without any real choice to protect themselves. Its members, their families or their livelihoods. “


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