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A teacher leader warned that girls were forced to wear shorts under the corset skirts of the school to stop boys from falling out of the “high.”

Dr. Mary Bousted, chairman of the Association of Teachers and Instructors (ATL), said sexual harassment in youth culture has been “normalized” and schools are no longer safe for girls.

She explained that the “upper body” approach – taking pictures of a girl’s dress without knowing it – resulted in “girls wearing shorts under their skirts, so the boy wouldn’t find anything.”

Dr. Bousted said that the emergence of camera phones is the reason behind the growth, because it allows teens to quickly take pictures, and then share it among friends, or upload to social media sites.

“It’s impossible for someone to use a camera to buy photos and develop photos. But with a camera phone, you just press a button and send it out,” Dr. Bousted told the Daily Telegraph.

“It may happen in an instant: send it out and give the girl’s name – it’s the worst thing, absolute humiliation, jealousy and shame. Social media just provides a new medium, another girl may Harassment. ”

She said that the idea of ​​wearing shorts under the corset skirts is likely to spread among female students as a way to deal with the surge in her upper body.

“I’m not sure parents or teachers suggest they do this because they may not know what’s going on. I think this is what they suggested to eachother,” Dr. Bobst said.

“I think the problem is that girls face such daily activities, so they try to find a way to not expose themselves.

“A boy needs help to be able to discuss and understand how they view this joke and can actually destroy the girl.

“We need better relationships and sex education than girls need to wear shorts, so girls learn to respect themselves and boys learn to respect girls.”

Ms. Bousted said that in schools, the climax is “a part of the broader sexual harassment model” and added: “There are some elementary schools, but more are secondary schools.

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“In most cases, women are harassed by predatory behavior in schools, which is beyond the scope of harassment. There has been considerable research showing that although girls perform well at school, many schools have not found security. The place.”

She said that the proportion of teachers witnessing female students being sexually harassed was “shocking” and added that all schools should implement anti-sex discrimination policies everywhere.

Figures released today by Childline, an NSPCC telephone line, show that thousands of children and teenagers seek help after being sexually abused by another young person.

Last year, 3,004 counseling sessions were conducted with young people who had sexual abuse with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, ex-partners or other young people.

Almost half of this figure is between 12 and 15 years of age, while the other 114 children are 11 and under.

The National Education Alliance, which consists of ATL and the National Teachers’ Federation (NUT), has previously conducted gender discrimination studies in schools.

They found that more than one-third of mixed-school girls were sexually harassed at school and rose to two-thirds of mixed sixth girls.


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