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In the documentaries Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, she played pop art icons during and before the pre-recorded television show in front of the French studio audience. When she was wearing a black corset skirts sets, high heels and an eye-covering lace-purple headdress on stage – an interesting contrast with the streets and stages that she lingered through on the road – Jones felt painful and cheesy about the possibilities of the stage. Of course, when she was accompanied on stage, her beauty wearing white underwear danced around a high-backed wooden chair. Needless to say, she performed for the crowd as usual and absolutely killed it.

However, the background is another matter. Jones’ producer who unloaded the show compared himself to “a lady in a brothel” and compared dance choreography with women around the brothel. The producer accepted the criticism and asked if she wanted the dancer to remove it from the next video. Jones said yes, but unfortunately: “those poor girls,” she said. “They will be very sad and they will hate me.” This is the personal price of the artwork: By insisting on the creative environment that meets her standards, Jones will have to make a few enemies. After decades in the spotlight, there is no doubt that these few people have become more.

This word is “sky behind.”

Sophie Fiennes’ unique documentary will allow you to think about her strengths when applied to performers such as Jones. Her strengths are related to her careful management of her image because she makes full use of her hoarse voice and obvious gifts, luxurious cheekbones. . As a concept artist, she may be likened to musicians like Prince or David Byrne, but because they are men, they are called idol worshipers, not women. In Bloodlight and Bami, she is often Forced to step down, she wants. She had a new album and she recorded with her own dime, which meant that Jones had to shout when the conference player did not appear in the studio or the venue host paid for the hotel suite. Otherwise, the show will not continue.

Fiennes doesn’t build Bloodlight and Bami just like normal music, so those who remember Jones’s disco days should go elsewhere. The past did affect the film, but only through the current lens, Jones returned to her birthplace in Jamaica and reconnected with her family. For Jones, this is a happy moment, and her mother will show off her powerful voice in church hymns, but she also bothers her because of her childhood memories on the island. Her grandmother’s second husband, known as “Mas P,” was an angry religious fanatic. She left Jamaica at the age of 13 and suffered severe assaults with her parents in New York State. Jones attributed her passion to the stage – her temperament was also attributed to his influence, although how much she internalized her abuse was a mystery that the film did not try to solve.

Although Fiennes specializes in documentary archives – she was not concerned with the context or from the German painter and sculptor Anselm Kiefer (“Your city lawn will grow”) and the Slovenian philosopher SlavojŽižek (the guide for The Pervert’s Cinema of Cinema and The Pervert’s Ideology) Any information collected on Wikipedia pages. Therefore, blood and Bami can feel deformed and listless, and the two-hour running time is not only taxable but also somewhat arbitrary. The live performance sequence of the movie provided the film with whatever structure it had, but the behind-the-scenes material shot in the dirty video did not fail. Occasionally, even a film shot on a wall needs to be shot.

However, Fiennes and Jones reached a degree of intimacy and candor, which is unusual for documentaries who closely control their corset skirts sets  image. When an exercise like Madonna: Truth or bold digital video brand extensions, red blood and Bami find Jones handing herself over to Fiyne in a way she wouldn’t say, say, a French producer. Turn her stage performance into a cheesy brothel. Her performance proved her indomitable presence, but she also gave part of herself to the camera, which is a small window in her soul. Only she let us want more.


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