The runway at Gaysorn Village was a spectacular tribute to the mysterious charm and beauty of women with its elaborate dresses and evening gowns of contrasting shadow and radiant light.

“Tale of the Luminaries” came to a truly remarkable close with the appearance of superstar Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund, wearing a wonderful outfit.

The curvy, feminine shapes were typical of Poem, and here they lent themselves to visions of the moon in tiny corsets, deep-neckline dresses, trousers and circular skirts designed for maximum grace and comfort in movement.

“I did this collection in January, when people of my generation for the first time witnessed one of the greatest celestial phenomena – the superblood blue moon,” Chavanon explained.

“I wanted to interpret the wonderful, subtle and mysterious beauty of the moon and of astrology, in which I’ve always been interested. The power of nature is revealed in many dimensions, such as the lunar eclipse, which can be compared to feminine emotions. Every woman has her own individual mystic charm in their way.”

Chavanon said advanced technology aided in the application of a new technique – 3D digital sublimation – in printing the “ombre” shades of moonlight in the perfect combination. “Such techniques require precision to control the amount of pigment absorbed by the material.”

The print of the season was generated in white and black tones as a houndstooth pattern. Other hues featured included super-black, navy blue and midnight blue to evoke water and pink, red and maroon for fire.

There was also Poem’s refined tailoring, ensuring timeless classic-yet-modern looks in a velvet sheath dress and a deep-neckline long-sleeved top for daily wear.

A mesh body suit was matched with a soft mesh tulle skirt for comfort and a shower robe of wool fabric looked lightweight and warm – and also enhanced the curves.

“My mother, who set up the brand in 2006, used to be a tailor and her main expertise was in boutique-style French garments,” Chavanon said.

“She would measure the body in centimetres for the perfect cut so that the clothing would emphasise the customer’s beautiful shape. This was the look of the 1950s, the period I like most. Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn were fashion icons.”

Chavanon, who studied architecture, has nonetheless modernised the designs with multiple perspectives in the patterns, structure and lines based on female curves. He was thrilled to have Yaya in the show.

“The beauty of Yaya is surreal – she’s like a hologram, but she’s real! I think she represents the women of Poem perfectly – beautiful and smart.

“Her fabulous gown weighs 15 kilograms, with lots and lots of mesh cloth layered for a circular silhouette.”

Other celebrities participating included Sikanya Sakdidej Bhanubhandh, Onchuma Durong- dech, Napaporn Bodiratnangkura, Kornkanok Yongsakul, Yuwared Sarutanond, Parva Nakasai, |Piraya Singha and Kerika Chotivichit.



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