Just like women come in all beautiful shapes and sizes, so do thongs. They are of different types like a cheeky thong, G-string, and Tanga. Women will wear thongs to feel good, comfortable, sexy, and strong. Good news! We have them in shapewear style. They are smooth and breathable and shapes your body perfectly. Below are various designs, and what they’ll do for you.

  • High-Waisted Thong Shapewear

The high waisted thong offers enough coverage for you to feel confident and in control. Also used as a waist and thigh trainer. This thing would look great under leggings and boyfriend jeans, among other outfits.

shapewear bodysuits
  • Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

The thong bodysuit is the best body shaper that focuses on smoothing your tummy while refining your lines with a dress or pair of pants. It will help you slim and shape our figure. With this undergarment, your bulges vanish, and you don’t have to look for a super perfect piece of shapewear anymore. 

best shapewear for tummy and waist
  • Brief Thong Shapewear

Brief thongs are breathable comfortable, making them be worn all day. They shape your midsection, abdomen, and hips and keep everything in their place. Wear it on special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and parties.

high waisted thong shapewear
  • Seamless Thong Shapewear

If you love thongs, then you should invest in seamless thong shapewear. It is discrete and gives a sleek figure and look with a gentle yummy hug. Moreover, it is the lightest, thinnest, and most comfortable thong for everyday wear.

best shapewear bodysuits
  • Hipster Thong Shapewear

Hipster thong is low-rise shapewear that sits on the hips. Their cut and level of coverage is generally somewhere between a bikini and a brief panty. It fits well under outfits to give you a great silhouette no matter your size and shape. It offers wide coverage with less of the bulk.

shapewear for women

Sticking to your size is the main concept of shapewear. One size down can cause your organs to get more bulging and stress. You can pick ultrabasic for full comfort. At sculptshe shapewear, we got everyone covered. We have all sizes for any body type. We are going to make sure you get the thong which leaves you feeling as good as you look.


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