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The pleated skirt is the perfect elegant piece for hot and cold days. The model strolls through the four seasons bringing glamor and attitude to the production. As well as the versatility of temperature, the item can also be used both for work and to enjoy a party.

T-shirt and cropped for a modern look

Combining the pleated skirt with a t-shirt or a cropped one is very stylish and modern. To bet on this look, which is perfect for the summer, it is worth paying attention to some tips. If your intention is to disguise the volume of the shoulder and bust, bet on tighter models that follow the circumference of the body. If you want to reduce your hips, it is worth using a wider shirt, with a high collar and details on the sleeves.

Dress shirt with a pleated skirt: how to use this combination!

Pleated skirt looks great with a dress shirt. The combination is elegant in the right measure and the fashionistas comfort look. It is worth putting the shirt into the skirt, always marking the waist. For a more stripped footprint, tie a knot to mark the waist.

Plied skirt in winter

The pleated skirt also fits perfectly in winter looks! Combine with sweater, trench coat, cardigan and short boots.

Pleated skirt with sweater for a stylish footprint

The composition to use at lower temperatures is the combination of the pleated skirt and the sweater. The look is super stylish and guarantees a more sophisticated look. For this look, bet on a longer model in order to be loose over the skirt. The ideal, in this case, is to choose thinner and tighter coats to mark the curves.

Blazer is the third ideal piece to compose mood chic

The pleated skirt can – and should – be used in colder seasons, being as versatile as the jeans skirt. The trick, in this case, is to bet on the third piece. To use this look in the fall or winter, bet on a look with a longer blazer. The length, in this case, should go to the middle of the hips, closer to the waistband of the skirt. To fine tune, finish with a belt or bag that marks the waist.

Blazer is the third ideal piece to use with the pleated skirt and compose a look with mood chic

Trench coat lengthens the silhouette when combined with the pleated skirt

The pleated skirt can be used in winter with the help of a long coat! Bet on a trench coat to lengthen the silhouette. Ideally, the long coat should accompany the hem of the skirt in order to follow and highlight the circumference.

Which shoe to match the skirt? The model can be the difference

The shoe can be the key element to compose a stylish look. With the pleated skirt, the ideal is to bet on pumps or strap heels that show the skin. Another idea is to use a shoe with your nude tone. That way, you will have a more elongated silhouette. In the case of sneakers, opt for models that are tighter and in shades close to the skirt. Long boots also help to keep the body long.


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