The vest is a garment that is hugely back in fashion this last season. The vest has always existed and many women have always worn it. This year, however, it is back in great fashion and above all “transformed”. We are seeing it everywhere, both in the boutiques of large clothing chains, in online stores and above all on our streets: we see many women who wear vests in a fashionable and quite innovative way!

So where can we buy a good vest and how can we wear it in 2020-2021 in a fashionable, stylish but also classic way?

Knitted vest

A knitted vest is ideal to wear over a classic white shirt, which is also back in vogue, perhaps precisely because it is perfect when combined with a vest or blazer. In this case, the vest can be knitted, therefore ultra-soft, worn almost like a slightly oversized pullover over the white shirt. The effect of seeing a piece of the shirt “emerge” from the vest (such as the sleeves) is very beautiful! However, the classic men’s vest waistcoat is not lacking in trends, often worn leaving it open over a white shirt.

Midi vest

Another outfit idea is to wear the vest in a slightly oversized way. In this case, the vest is worn on unusual garments, such as the coat. Clearly, the coat does not have to be as oversized but rather choose a slim fit coat, which is adherent to your body, and overlay the vest over the coat. This look works especially with longer vests, which arrive mid-hip, or with the classic faux fur vest that has been in fashion for some seasons now. A beautiful, comfortable and warm outfit!

Vest as a sweater

Use the vest as if it were a sweater. Choose, in this case, bulky models, which go down over the shoulder, like the one in the photo. However, in order not to leave your arms bare, use it with a turtleneck or with a very tight t-shirt,. Perhaps of the same color but with a piece of different fabric. Basically, the bottom shirt has to be thinner and smoother, while the vest, worn above, has to have a coarser texture: this creates a very innovative style!

Long, masculine vest

Another very trendy trick to wear the vest this season is to choose a long and masculine model and tighten it at your waist with a belt. This will take away that slightly voluminous effect that some vests can create, and at the same time will add a super feminine touch, enhancing your waistline!

Faux fur vest

Experiment with your style with a faux fur vest! This vest has been back in fashion a lot in recent times, and it so so beautiful! It can be worn as an outerwear on milder days, with something lighter underneath. You can wear it with a classic shirt if it is not too cold. Finally, wear it with a warm wool turtleneck in the coldest temperatures.


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