Today we are reading with a new topic, this time we will talk about style. I’m just wondering which style do you prefer? Until recently, I didn’t even believe how many supporters of other styles there are. I’m not much different. But I have a lot of respect for girls and women who are. Lately, I’ve been thrilled when someone knows how to bring out the gothic style. You will agree that it is not easy. Almost all eyes are on you because, in my opinion, it is a special style that requires a lot of courage.

What do we know about the gothic style?

It is a style of dress that is characterized by dark and mysterious characteristics. Mostly black is included, i.e. dark clothes, typical exotic hairstyles, black hair color as well as makeup style. The make-up style is characterized by dark lipsticks, as well as black creon in general. Dramatic makeup is something that men also wear, and very often black nail polish. Jewelry is mostly characteristic, bulky, with spikes, in punk style. I have the impression that this fashion expresses a lot, although it seems mysterious. You can recognize her with her black clothes. There are a lot of leather pieces or details, a lot of jewelry, velvet, as well as fishnet socks. Mostly it’s a vision of mine, and you’re free to correct me if I’m wrong.

For me personally, this style is far away, and only now am I learning and researching many things. Wears a lot of dark purple color. Jewelry is often in silver with some motifs. And I see that gloves and corsets are a favorite. I would also take some models. But I still don’t dare. I need a little more confidence and courage. Most members of this style are people from the younger population.

How is it in your cities or metropolises? I have the impression that this style is more pronounced in larger metropolises. In my city and state, there are not many members. Mostly everyone wears street style, some classics. Lately, I see that gothic clothes are very popular. Some unique pieces can be sold on sites at huge prices. I think more and more people appreciate originality and uniqueness.

Everyone is tired of many of us wearing the same clothes and wearing the same style. I am totally for it. That through clothes we can express ourselves, let go of fat, to convey a message to the world. Everyone should wear what they love, what fills them and makes them happy. We should not pay attention to other people and their comments, that will always be the case. So choose your favorite gothic pieces, maybe that elegant dress with black lace, or that black coat combined with fishnet stockings? There are many choices, and as I see more and more online shopping sites offer pieces like this. There are really beautiful models, for everyone’s taste. So go ahead! Stick to your style.

So what if you are older? Fashion doesn’t ask.

It is a creative job, which does not determine us, but contributes to us being happy, satisfied, and smiling. I am so happy when I buy something from clothes. Although it is short-lived, I know how to stand in front of a mirror and admire myself. Believe me, differences are highly valued in today’s world, and I am very glad that that period has come. People’s consciousness is much more developed now than a few years ago. Enjoy your shopping and be sure to let us know if you find something affordable and good that you would like to share with everyone. That makes us happy, a good catch for a little money. Happy buying gothic clothes.


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